Mission to the People

The Reformed Church in Hungary, being a confessional church and obeying the mission call of Jesus Christ, considers mission the very nature of the church, and thus a priority. The church shall constantly present the gospel to society in words and deeds, so that the life-saving good news can be heard by those addressed: "So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." (Romans 10: 17)

The church's mission is to lend a helping hand to those who have fallen, give a new perspective to those who have lost hope and show a new direction to those who have lost their way. Through active mission work, the Reformed Church in Hungary reaches out to every needy group in Hungarian society.

The Reformed Church in Hungary is present in various mission fields coordinated by the Mission Department of the Synod Office. Its main task is to strengthen the mission aspect in the life of Reformed congregations and to coordinate mission work on local and global levels. The Mission Office maintains a close relationship with the Reformed Mission Centre and Reformed Church Aid, and it cooperates with them on a daily basis.

The Office encourages mission initiatives in the following ways:

•     supporting fields of social mission

•     organising and supporting the mission programmes of congregations

•     compiling lecture and publication materials

•     sharing experiences

•     sharing news

One outstanding area is the Roma mission, targeting the Gypsy population in Hungary. This mission has assumed a more organised form in recent years. The coordination body of this mission is the Council of the Reformed Ministry among Roma, which was founded in 2009. In each of the four church districts, there is a coordinator responsible for Roma Ministry. In the field of world mission, the Mission Office cooperates with the Interserve international organisation, supporting the preparation of those volunteering for world mission.

•       Roma Ministry

Reformed Mission Centre

The Synod of The Reformed Church in Hungary founded the Reformed Mission Center (RMC) in January 2006. The aim of the Centre is to coordinate and expand the work of ministries in order to make their services available for all members of society throughout the entire country.

The mission centre coordinates the activities of all "social" missions of the church, which are the following:

•       Homeless Ministry

•       Prison Ministry

•       Marriage and Family Counseling Ministry

•       Ministry to Alcoholics

•       Hospital Ministry

•       Airport Chaplaincy

•       Ministry to the Hearing Impaired

•       Crisis Hotline

•       Ministry to the Visually Impaired and Blind

•       Leprosy Mission

•       Rehabilitation Ministry

The Centre promotes the work of mission groups currently operating and provides them with assistance in their management and administrative work. The Centre also supports mission groups with professional guidance in their fields of operation.

Diaconal Office

The Diaconal Office aims to provide a wide range of support to congregations and diaconal institutions. It offers not only professional and methodological help, but assistance in assembling and managing grant applications as well. The Office also deals with adult training programmes. The Refugee Ministry of the RCH is located here. 

•       Refugee Ministry

Youth Ministry

Information about our Youth Ministry

Lay Associations

Hungarian Reformed Elder's Association

Hungarian Reformed Women's Association

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