Ministry to the Hearing Impaired

Workers of the Reformed Deaf Mission reach out to hearing impaired Reformed people all around the country, cooperating with local congregations to integrate these disabled people into the life of the community. In Budapest and Debrecen, there are regular worship services for the hearing impaired. Pastoral services are carried out in schools for them in Budapest, Eger, Debrecen, Vác and Szeged, with special preparatory classes for confirmation, with a religion camp organized at the end of every school year. It is a great achievement that out of four schools for the hearing impaired over 500 students joined the activities of the Bridge of Love – Reformed Volunteering Days in the Carpathian Basin.

Learning by Playing

Within the programme "Learn by playing, play by learning," the project of RMC helped 300 hearing impaired and deaf children in the Transtibiscan and Cistibiscan regions. For the organization of skills and creativity development sessions, RMC earned over 23 million HUF. During the opening of the programme, there were eight brand new bicycles – purchased by the Reformed Church – to be tried out by hearing impaired youngsters from Debrecen. With the help of professionals, they could learn about traffic rules. Participants of the skills and creativity development events came from special schools of Debrecen, Szeged and Eger. The aim of these courses, competitions and contests was to develop visual, self-expression, problem solving, and conflict management skills of hearing impaired children, and consequently, make it easier for them to understand school material. Their dexterity is also developed, and their perception is sharpened. The children participating in the project are not taught in integrated schools, therefore, it is crucial for them to gain experience in extracurricular activities without discrimination; experience that comes naturally to their unimpaired peers.

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