Rehabilitation Ministry

“Drugs are a symptom that life is not going very well” 

The Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) began the Reformed Thrown Youth Rescue Mission (KIMM) 34 years ago, and has been active ever since. The first rehabilitation home opened at Ráckeresztúr in 1986 by the initiative of a young pastor, Rev. Eszter Victorné Erdős. From the beginning, Christian faith and commitment has been the foundation on which the Mission has operated.

Since 2015, there are five rehabilitation homes in service to youth:

·        Kallódó Ifjúságot Mentő Misszió Drogterápiás Otthona (Ráckeresztúr),

·        Fiatalkorúak Drogterápiás Otthona (Ráckeresztúr),

·        Válaszút Misszió (Budapest),

·        Újváros Drogambulancia (Dunaújváros)

·        Tisztás Közösségi Hely (Budapest).

KIMM began as a mission focused on drug rehabilitation; however, the Mission has grown and expanded to accept young men with various substance and/or behavioral addictions, including alcohol and video game addictions. The main goal of the rehabilitation homes is to help people suffering from various addictions start a new life. The Mission is committed to healing, treating and representing the interests of the young men taking part in the program. The rehabilitation homes work with the young men, providing a place to stay for approximately one year during which the men must learn how to take responsibility. The men work to develop their skills, starting with house chores, including cooking, cleaning and maintaining.

The program consists of an initial probation phase and three primary phases, ending in a so-called discharge phase. Participants complete successive program phases by acquiring certain competencies and gradually assuming increasingly complex responsibilities. In the final phase, residents are put in charge of organizing daily gatherings, monitoring and controlling procedures, making pertinent decisions, and ensuring smooth communication between members of the community.

As part of the Mission, in 2015, KIMM opened Adna Café. The café was created to provide a universal referred and referenced prevention, offering community for lonely youth, giving technical help for people who have drug problems and creating a safe environment for abstaining addicts. The café is a symbol that there is a future and much hope for healing.

The name “Adna” means “Pleasure in God”

 “With the help of youthful social places, we want to bring the pleasure of sobriety into fashion and guarantee tasty, healthy foods, drinks, personal discussions, communal events, sober parties and self-help programs. One important element of the prevention is that the programs of the café will be organized together with its visitors.” – Eszter Erdős, leader of KIMM

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