Serving and Learning in Community

2019. december 11., tags: Calvin College, calvin college, partnership, youth

This semester RCH welcomed students from the Cavin Unversity at its various ministries. One of them, Avery Gill shares her reflection on her time in Hungary.

More than a Festival

2019. június 28., tags: youth, Starpoint, youth mission, starpoint

“We can also experience at Starpoint that the Christian faith is not outdated, but God’s Kingdom is present and all around us,” emphasized Péter Bedekovics. At this year’s Reformed Youth Festival, we encourage young people to think about how they can shape the world to resemble God’s Kingdom more and more. Besides this, more than 100 cultural, public, scientific, psychological, musical and sports programs are waiting for those who are interested.

Dare to Have Questions!

2019. június 11., tags: youth, Starpoint, starpoint

“I wish that our young people think about ways to shape our world so that it may look more like God’s Kingdom,” says Rev. Márton Járay, the keynote speaker at this year’s Starpoint Festival. Theologian and counselor, Járay experiences how God’s love surrounds him in his everyday life. This is why he is happy to speak about it at the morning lectures at this year’s festival. First we ask him.

International Ecumenical Youth Meeting

2019. március 13., tags: lebanon, taize, taizé, youth

Beirut will be hosting the “International Ecumenical Youth Meeting” at the invitation of the Churches of Lebanon and the Middle East Council of Churches along with the French Ecumenical Taizé Community. A delegation of 7 young people from RCH will also attend the ecumenical program.

In Unity With God, In Community With Each Other

2017. június 20., tags: youth, Starpoint, festival, starpoint

With the Starpoint reformed youth festival coming up soon, organizers of the event gathered recently to hold a press conference. In this venue, staff discussed the events theme of Reformation, how Starpoint will be organized, and some of the musical artists who will be performing.

Cherish Your Young People

2017. május 30., tags: starpoint, festival, Starpoint, youth

Glynis Williams, of the PCC, has a message for the RCH in light of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation – young people are vital to the life of the church. The PCC and RCH have a long standing relationship, and one that has recently focused on the youth of the church as last year a group of HRC youth attended the Canada Youth gathering last summer. These same young people are now helping to run Starpoint – the RCH’s biannual youth festival.

Finding A Place in the Church

2016. május 04., tags: youth, youth forum, youth ministry

Leading up to the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, the fifth RCH Youth Assembly took place from April 22-23 in Budapest. Fifty five delegates from the RCH’s secondary and higher education institutions, university congregations, and youth organizations looked for an answer to Luther’s question, which was formulated five hundred years ago, “How can I find the merciful God?"

A Mission with Engineering Accuracy

2016. február 29., tags: youth, youth ministry

Motivation, professional development, self-esteem, and belief – these are the values that the recently established Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ reformed chaplain wants to help the engineering students focus on. According to Balázs Németh, research fellow, lecturer, and pastor, many of the university students are friendless, not engaged professionally, and anxious that they won’t able to pass exams. The engineering mission could offer professional motivation, community, and counseling with the sharing of the Gospel.  

A Message From Over the Sun

2016. február 24., tags: youth, mekdsz, youth ministry

"Meaningless! Meaningless!" says the Teacher. "Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless." (Ecclesiastes 1:2). Three hundred young people didn't take Solomon’s words seriously, so they spent the last weekend of February in Siófok to discuss finding meaning in life, led by Trey Shaw, an American Baptist missionary who has been living in Hungary for more than ten years. They got acquainted with the message of Ecclesiastes and also had a chance to recharge between university semesters; maybe life is not so meaningless after all.

72 Hours of Action

2015. december 07., tags: youth ministry, youth

Around the country, 8,000 people joined in the ecumenical volunteer time of action called “72 hours – No Compromise” between the 8th and 11th of October. Church leaders say that the future can count on the youth that participated this year who “have good hearts and are ready to help and spread humane values”. 

Prayer comes first

2015. november 02., tags: youth ministry, hungarian reformed church, interview, prayer night, youth

On the 16th of October, the Youth Prayer Night in the Carpathian Basin was held for the fifth time. The goal of the vigil was for the youth to experience unity in their own communities by staying in our congregations for a night of prayer, uniting with thousands of other youth, and, most of all, God. This year Seminary Students from Pápa prepared the materials for the night. We discussed the event with Rev. Szontágh Szabolcs, head of the Youth Office of the Reformed Church in Hungary. 


2015. augusztus 13., tags: eco-congregation, starpoint, festival, youth

In this year at Starpoint Reformed Youth Conference in Tata the theme was Trust. It is a very interesting question how you can approach and reach the trust in other persons, in yourself and in God. This year was particularly special for the the Eco-Congregation Movement. Report on the contribution of the Eco-Congregation Movement at the Starpoint Youth Festival.

Youth Event Builds Trust Across Nations

2015. augusztus 03., tags: world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), starpoint, festival, youth

The Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival saw 3,000 Reformed Christian youth from all over the world gather in Tata, Hungary, the third week of July to share their love for life, music, fellowship and God. Duncan MacLean IV, who has been a communications intern at the World Communion of Reformed Churches this summer, attended. He reported on the event on WCRC's website.

Still trusting

2015. július 29., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

The development of our faith is never straightforward. Trust leads us to a bright space but we have to walk through dark tunnels. When everything is breaking down, we have to search for the small pieces of our heart which can still be used for something. We have to build our trust in God again and again - said Zoltán Sóskuti in his keynote speech at the Main Stage. 

The Charm of Three

2015. július 29., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

The 2015 Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival could welcome many fresh participants, as well as real “veterans”, who came for the second or third time. One of the members of the international team is in line with the Hungarian rewinders: we talked with Inga Krisiukenaite (23) from Lithuania, who joined us for the third time.

Where is God? Where is He not?

2015. július 29., tags: starpoint, festival, youth

We have many disappointments in life, working like a big STOP sign for us. We have to stop for a minute to see what we have deeply in our souls. But if we disappointed in somebody or something, we don’t turn to God, but everything else especially when we disappointed in God. Today we had a really heavy theme at the morning keynote speech also presented by Zoltán Sóskuti.

A God Moment

2015. július 29., tags: starpoint, festival, youth

In the crowd of more than 2,500 participants at the 2015 Starpoint Reformed Youth Conference one shouldn't be surprised to hear English, French, German or Korean words, as a group of international guests joined the programs. We found a silent bench for a short talk with Duncan Maclean (20) from the USA.

Prayer In Time of Heat

2015. július 29., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

The air conditioning system of the car broke down while driving here. But not only in the car: in the whole world. This is what we, 2,500 people can feel in Tata, giddily in the burning sunshine. Tomorrow will be the hottest day, hotter than today, though today was much hotter than yesterday.

Can we live without Trust in God?

2015. július 29., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

Who would not be happy getting a great car or a house we don’t work and pay for? That would be amazing! But when it happens, after it happens we would be responsible for it. We actually have something we get as a gift. A gift from God. That is our world, our environment and the people among us. Can we make their trust stronger?

From Word To Water

2015. július 28., tags: starpoint, festival, youth

On the second afternoon of the 2015 Starpoint Festival the team of international participants experienced the message of the Opening Worship of the Festival. Just like the Disciplines did on the Lake of Galilee, the team boarded a boat, and trusting the boatmen set out to discover the nearby Old Lake.

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