Serving and Learning in Community

2019. december 11., tags: Calvin College, calvin college, partnership, youth

This semester RCH welcomed students from the Cavin Unversity at its various ministries. One of them, Avery Gill shares her reflection on her time in Hungary.

Károli Scholarship for Christian Students

2019. november 08., tags: scholarship, partnership, interview

The Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary helps young people who live in difficult circumstances to obtain a diploma. The aim is that these young people help their home country’s Christian community with the knowledge they’ve gained in Hungary. 

Hungarian minister in new role in Shetland

2019. szeptember 23., tags: partnership, church of scotland(cofs)

A Hungarian minister has taken up a new post in Shetland where the church is undergoing a radical transformation to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Together in the Body of Christ

2019. szeptember 20., tags: partnership, presbyterian church in canada (pcc)

“We are looking forward to learning and connecting,” said Rev. Amanda Currie, the Moderator of the PCC. From 16-19 September, Rev. Currie, accompanied by Nicholas Jesson and Rev. Glynis Williams, visited the RCH as part of the mission trip to Hungary and Romania.

Friends in Need

2019. július 15., tags: presbyterian church of korea(pck), partnership, korea, Korea

“We have received so much love and support from you amid our numerous crises, and now wanted to return the favour and express our friendship also through raising funds,” said Bishop István Bogárdi Szabó on Sunday, during the worship service of the Korean-speaking Reformed Congregation in Budapest. During the service, the Ministerial President of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) handed over the 11,000 USD donation raised for the support of the survivors of the May boat tragedy, as well as of the bereaved families and orphaned children.

Life Returning to Syria

2019. április 29., tags: partnership, syria, middle east, Middle East

In late March, a sizeable delegation visited the Evangelical churches of Lebanon and Syria, signing memoranda of commitment. We have asked the delegates about their experiences in the Middles East, including the situation of local Christians as well as the significance and further possibilities of cooperation.

Going Against Traffic on the Damascus Road

2019. április 29., tags: Middle East, middle east, syria, partnership

We have visited the 2000-year-old Christian memorials of Syria’s capital, as well as its Armenian and Arab-speaking Evangelical communities. Our brothers and sisters experienced the spiritual journey of Paul during the years of war: they gained a new kind of sight amid their suffering that sets an example for us as well.

The Persecuted Becoming Peacemakers

2019. április 24., tags: syria, interview, middle east, partnership, Middle East

People have a will to live even among ruins, according to Bishop István Bogárdi Szabó, who, as part of a delegation, has recently visited civil-war-torn Syria. The church leader feels that the efforts of Christians in the Middle East are exemplary, and it is now our turn to help the victims of the destruction caused by the war.  

The journey with Myungsung Church continues

2019. április 17., tags: partnership, myungsung church

From April 7-9, Rev. Dr. Hana Kim of Myungsung Church in South Korea paid a visit to to its partner, the Great Church in Debrecen, as well as to church officials of the national church of the RCH. The visit provided space for discussions to expand the partnership on a national church level.

Christian Solidarity at Test in Syria

2019. április 05., tags: union of armenian evangelical churches in the near east (uaecne), middle east, national evangelical synod of syria and lebanon (nessl), partnership, Middle East, syria

The delegation of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) continued its travel from Lebanon into Syria. The delegation visited local congregations in Damascus, Homs, and Aleppo to learn more of the ministries of the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL) and the Armenian Evangelical Community in Syria. Short account of a challenging journey.

Christians in Syria: God With Us

2019. április 02., tags: syria, Middle East, partnership, national evangelical synod of syria and lebanon (nessl), middle east, union of armenian evangelical churches in the near east (uaecne)

We have been contributing to the rebuilding of a church building and a congregation centre in Aleppo, Syria: the roof structure of the Armenian Evangelical community’s oldest church has been renovated partially with the help of Hungarian Reformed funds, and the Arab-speaking Presbyterian community’s new congregation centre is planned with support from the government of Hungary. The locals feel that these instances of support prove that God is indeed taking care of them in a tangible way.

Unity of the Spirit Beyond Borders

2019. március 19., tags: partnership, church of south india (csi) transcibiscan reformed church district

At the beginning of February, Rev. Károly Fekete, bishop of the Transtibiscan Church District, Rev. Zsigmond Vad, dean of the Debrecen Reformed Presbytery, Rev. Endre Iszlai, pastor of Reformed congregation in Nagysándor-telep, and Rev. László Gonda, ecumenical officer of the Transtibiscan Church District visited India to learn of opportunities to support the local Protestant institutions.

Staying True amidst Changing Context

2018. november 23., tags: synod, partnership, Synod, dutch reformed church (drc)

The General Secretary of the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC), Gustav Claassen visited Hungary, in his speech at the Synod he emphasized: similarly to the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) DRC is also continuously trying to find the answer to the question of what it means to stay true to the Reformed confessional basis amidst changing contexts. The South African church leader mentioned three practical examples.

Growing Partnership in the Middle East

2018. október 24., tags: armenian evangelical community in syria, syria, Middle East, partnership, national evangelical synod of syria and lebanon (nessl), partership visit, middle east

Through many years of mutual collaboration, the partnership of the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Reformed churches in the Middle East only grows stronger. A highlight of this long-standing partnership is the recent visit of Syrian church leaders to discuss opportunities of further cooperation.

Radical Faith

2018. szeptember 27., tags: united evangelical mission (vem/uem), partnership, VEM, vem

In continued partnership with the United Evangelical Mission, the Reformed Church in Hungary was represented at the General Assembly in Parapat, Indonesia.

Peace and Reunification

2018. szeptember 21., tags: presbyterian church of korea (pck), partnership, presbyterian church in the republic of korea (prok)

Representing the Reformed Church in Hungary, Rev. Balázs Ódor, ecumenical officer, attended the general assemblies of the two Korean partner churches, as well as the consultation of PROK.

Commitment to the Gospel, Passion for Justice

2018. szeptember 13., tags: debrecen reformed theological university, presbyterian church of korea (pck), partnership, honorary doctorate

Debrecen Reformed Theological University presented Rev. Dr. Jooseop Keum with an honorary doctorate for his ecumenical engagement in shaping the Reformed and ecumenical theological thinking of our time.

True examples of partnership

2018. július 18., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, partnership

Extraordinary pledges, donations, and other signs of solidarity are shown from partner churches and organizations in response to a call from the Reformed Church in Hungary in support of Kalunba Social Services Ltd.

A Sign of Peace and Partnership

2018. július 10., tags: church of lippe, partnership

A delegation from the Church of Lippe, made a partnership visit to Hungary at the end of June. During this visit, the group was introduced to the recent activities of the RCH and met with representatives of various ministries.

Healing Wounds

2018. április 27., tags: middle east, partnership, Middle East, interview, national evangelical synod in lebanon and syria (nessl)

 “By sharing our resources to help people achieve their own better lives, we are showing them how much we love them.” During her visit to Hungary, Rev. Najla Kassab, President of the WCRC, shared her thoughts and experiences on the life of the Hungarian Reformed community, the current situation in Syria, and the cooperation within the Communion, especially between RCH and NESSL.

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