Together for One Another

2020. március 06., tags: roma ministry, interview

We cannot cross out the Gospel passages in which Jesus tells us to include the excluded. Read and interview with the trainer Kinga Lakatos about the significance of community development in Roma Ministry on the occasion of a training for RCH pastors actively involved in serving among Roma.

Commemoration, Not Closure

2020. február 10., tags: trianon 100, ablonczy balázs, rch, trianon, interview, peace treaty of Versailles

At the start of the “Year of National Unity” in Hungary, we sat down to talk to historian Balázs Ablonczy, head of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Lendület (Momentum) Research Group called Trianon 100, about the trauma of Trianon: facts and fallacies, as well as the ever-recurring question of “what if”.

Professor of UCLA at Károli University

2020. január 09., tags: károli gáspár university, Károli Gáspár University, interview

Lee Beaudoen, PhD. Graduate of a top ten U.S. University, The University of California, Los Angeles, teaches at Károli Gáspár Reformed University of the Reformed Church in Hungary for the academic year 2019-20. Interview by Dr. Miklós Sárközy, Iranologist, Professor of History.

A Textbook Case of Love

2019. december 16., tags: roma ministry, Christmas, christmas, interview

The corridors of the primary school in Göncruszka are covered in lights. The teachers and the children are preparing for Christmas together, where even the sport hall is decorated with the text of the Lord’s Prayer.

It Takes More to See Than Just to Opening Your Eyes

2019. december 03., tags: interview, ministry to the blind

I always go and leave with a prayer, because God is the only One, who can comfort those, who have lost their visions - believes Alexandra Kovács Nógrádiné. We spoke with the pastor of the Ministry to the Visually Impaired and Blind of the Reformed Mission Centre about the Ministry and the opportunities, everyday lives of the visually impaired people.  

We Still May Not Know the Greatest Stories of the Reformation

2019. november 28., tags: reformation, interview, history

We visited church historian Judit Balogh in her home in Miskolc, so that we could speak about the Reformation, and its effects on Hungary. The professor of the Eszterházy Károly University also told us what she personally received from the great Reformers.

To Arrive into the Presence

2019. november 18., tags: interview, art

Since 2007, every year on the third week of September, the Ars Sacra Festival is organized, providing space in different forms of art for the sacred. In connection with this program, an exhibition was opened in September called Fragmentum – contemporary sacred photography that examines the fragmentation of human recognition and remembrance. One of the twenty exhibitors is the photographer and poet Gyöngyi Hegedűs, with whom we were speaking about art, faith, flow and „scandalousness”.

Károli Scholarship for Christian Students

2019. november 08., tags: scholarship, partnership, interview

The Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary helps young people who live in difficult circumstances to obtain a diploma. The aim is that these young people help their home country’s Christian community with the knowledge they’ve gained in Hungary. 

Identity and Service fulfilled in Christ

2019. október 07., tags: roma ministry, interview, roma mission

According to her, people can only reach their goals through the Gospel, she can incorporate both her faith and her professional experience into her current work with Roma communities. Anita Tóth has been serving as the National Roma Mission Coordinator since September 2018. In this interview, we discussed the importance of family and traditions, the work of the Holy Spirit, and her way leading to the Synod Office.

Even to read we must perish is dreadful

2019. szeptember 11., tags: interview, roma ministry, roma mission

It was 75 years ago, on the night between 2 and 3 August, 1944 that Nazi Germany closed down the Gypsy camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau, exterminating some three thousand Roma men, women and children – since 1972, this day has been the International Roma Holocaust Memorial Day. Initiated by the founder and artistic director of Madách Dance and Theatre Secondary School and Primary School of Arts, a physical theatre performance was created in the spring that deals with the tragedy of the Roma Holocaust. The piece has recently been performed at Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival. We sat down with Gyula Sárközi to discuss the background of the performance, the title of which roughly translates as ‘The Lurking Plague of the Past’, as well as the still relevant legacy of the past events.

Christian Values in Public Life

2019. augusztus 16., tags: Conference of Reformed Intellectuals, interview

“This upcoming conference is recommended for those who are interested in public life and what Reformed thinking, with its Protestant roots and Christian values, can add to it,” says Gábor Zila, Secretary of the Reformed Culture and Public Life Foundation, which organises the Conference of Reformed Intellectuals in Balatonszárszó. As he explains, they are trying to involve the younger generations in the discussions about our future – this year’s theme to be discussed is Christian democracy.

God does not Want a Boring Church

2019. augusztus 08., tags: church planting, reformed church in america (rca), interview

Debrecen’s newest Reformed community, the congregation of Úrrét, just turned one year old. The community, dynamically expanding and always looking for new possibilities, gathers on Sundays in the hall of one of the local primary schools – maybe they will have a church in the years to come.

Committed to Children’s Education

2019. július 04., tags: interview, learning material

The Development Team of Learning Materials for Reformed Schools is not simply producing traditional textbooks, they are developing modern, customisable digital teaching materials, as well as amplifying forward-thinking initiatives. We asked Zoltán Pompor, who is in charge of the team, what he considers to be the strengths of Reformed education.

We Are Not Small

2019. június 25., tags: middle east, syria, interview, Middle East

The Reformed Congregation in Szentendre has begun building relations with a congregation in Syria. They would like to send financial aid, and perhaps, even travel to the war-torn country. We asked Rev. András Harmathy about the details.

The Persecuted Becoming Peacemakers

2019. április 24., tags: syria, interview, middle east, partnership, Middle East

People have a will to live even among ruins, according to Bishop István Bogárdi Szabó, who, as part of a delegation, has recently visited civil-war-torn Syria. The church leader feels that the efforts of Christians in the Middle East are exemplary, and it is now our turn to help the victims of the destruction caused by the war.  

"We encourage the people to stay"

2019. április 16., tags: refugee ministry, interview, refugee

The Reformed Alliance in Germany was one of the international partners that supported the work of Kalunba. Isabel Metzger, journalist of the, interviewed Dóra Kanizsai-Nagy for an update on their situation since July 2018. Here we publish the English translation of the original article printed in German.

Her vocation: Police officer and Pastor

2019. február 11., tags: interview

“In the police profession, I was attracted to being able to help, that I can support people – and it is also present in my vocation as a pastor.” Staff Sergeant Andrea Pallagi works at the Children and Youth Protection Detective Department of the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK). She is a detective, but she also leads an at-home bible study group at Budapest-Káposztásmegyer Reformed Congregation and preaches from time to time. She carries a service weapon and likes to shoot, but only for target practice. Her dream is to establish a police chaplaincy unit modeled by the military chaplaincy service.

5+1 Things you should know about Starpoint’s new coordinator

2018. december 31., tags: interview, Starpoint, starpoint

We introduce you to Edina Prikryl, the coordinator of the Starpoint Festival 2019. The colleague of the RCH National Youth Office talks about her journey that has led her to the Reformed Church.

Strengthening Inter-Congregational Solidarity

2018. november 19., tags: interview

Deputy Lay President Sándor Veres has been elected to be the new Lay President of the Danubian Reformed Church District. The election was called due to the death of the former Lay President, László Tőkéczki. Sándor Veres feels that while he is grateful for the support he has received, he will have some big shoes to fill. His goal in his work is to strengthen solidarity among congregations

The Year of Thanksgiving at Károli University

2018. november 08., tags: interview, Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Karoli Gáspár Reformed University

“We would like to train professionals for our county and our nation whose value systems and readiness to help are a reflection of the teachings of Jesus,” emphasized Rev. Péter Balla, Professor of Theology. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the University, the Rector of Károli Gáspár University of the RCH was interviewed.

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