Károli Scholarship for Christian Students

2019. november 08., tags: scholarship, partnership, interview

The Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary helps young people who live in difficult circumstances to obtain a diploma. The aim is that these young people help their home country’s Christian community with the knowledge they’ve gained in Hungary. 

Application Call for Scholarship for Christian Young People

2019. január 15., tags: scholarship

Once again, the Hungarian Government invites students from the Middle East to apply for the Scholarship for Christian Young People. Applications for the 2019/20 academic year open online at the end of January 2019.

Scholarship for Christians from the Middle East

2018. március 01., tags: refugee, scholarship, Middle East, middle east

The Hungarian Government invites young adults from the Middle East to apply for the Scholarship Program for Christian Young People.

RCH Scholarship Program: Enabling Cross-Cultural Learning

2014. október 08., tags: scholarship, partner, interview

Nurturing and encouraging future generations of pastors is an important task for any church denomination. In the Reformed Church in Hungary, one way this is realized is through a scholarship program where students have the opportunity to study abroad for a year. The RCH scholarship program allows Hungarian reformed theology students to apply for a scholarship at one of the RCH’s eight partner seminaries.

A Learning Leader

2014. július 04., tags: interview, scholarship

Teachers have to gain experience at schools, medical residents at hospitals and theologians in congregations before they start their life-long professional careers. Hunor Attila Koncz - spending his fourth year at university, studying theology - decided to spend his internship in Geneva, the cradle of Calvinism. In the city of businessmen, babysitters, diplomats, and Hungarians that immigrated there in 1956, his mouth became parched during his first sermon but he stayed for another year. The Hungarian Protestant Church of Geneva’s resigning pastor spoke about the pastor’s role, the mission and the inspiring heritage.

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