Ministry to Alcoholics

The Alcohol Rehabilitation Ministry was founded by Reverend József Siklósi in 1981. It is a ministry that provides help for those suffering from alcoholism and their families.

Reformed Chruch's Alcohol Rehabilitation Ministry introduction

After its founding, the very first meetings were held in different church conference rooms. Principally they tried to help them through the way of the Bible, and they got a lot of help from Christian doctors as well.

After the death of József Siklós, Zoltán Balog took over and led the service with his wife until 2006. They offered rehabilitation, prevention and post-rehabilitation services. During their service, the Blue Cross Association was established again and the became the Blue Cross Rehabilitation Center in Dömös. The close relationship and the coopearation of the two organizations is what made the Alcohol Rehabilitation program so well known.

Prevention works: The ministry works with summer camps, but mainly in high schools through seminars and classes. It helps the youth see through a Christian way of thinking that they don't need such things like alcohol. The life experience and testimony of those recovering from alcoholism is an important part of the prevention service.

Rehabilitation: The aim of the ministry is to help not only addicted people, but their whole family as well. Families are encouraged to participate in the programmes too, but instead of the alcohol addiction they can meet Gods love and freedom. In 2006, it began to offer support for nicotine addicts, people suffering from depression and other addictions. However, drug users can find support from different church institution.

Post-Rehabilitation: The programme continues to support recovering patients returning home after weeks of rehabilitation. In the country ,we have 40 places where addicts can find help. The group rehabilitation leader and reverend together help strengthen the souls of the „patients." The service is ecumenical, where more sect gives place for the groups, with service of their reverend.

Annualy they reach 3-5 people personally, through the programmes in Dömös, in groups, phone calls and emails. Usually volunteers help their work.

Thanks to this service, there were Alcoholic Rehabilitation programs started in Trannsylvania, northern Hungary and in Ada.

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