Radical Hospitality

2020. február 03., hétfő

RCH delegation of 5 volunteers and students participates at the 18th Annual European Refugee Highway Partnership Roundtable which is taking place in Malmö between 3 and 7 February.

The delegation is composed of volunteers who serve faithfully in the border ministry of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), and of students from Debrecen who are interested in the work of European churches and church related organisations serving among refugees. Dr. Ágoston Dobos, reformed pastor in Békésszentandrás, a city near the Serbian border, and coordinator of the volunteers of HRCA, a network of more than 20 persons visiting and providing spiritual, mental and humanitarian support to asylum seekers in the transit zones at the Southern border of Hungary.  

Refugee Highway Partnership (RHP) is a network of Refugee Workers, Ministries and Churches across Europe, who share a common passion to see the Church minister the whole gospel amongst those who have been forcibly displaced – including the refugees and asylum seekers. As a Christian network, RHP Europe seeks to connect and mobilize leaders, churches and organizations to effectively engage with refugees.

The theme of the 18th European Roundtable of RHP is "Radical Hospitality" in a city, which has been Sweden’s gateway. It is a city that faces the challenges of diverse cultures living together, and it is therefore fitting that this is the location for us to join together to delve into the challenge of radical hospitality discovering what it really means to welcome the outsider. With almost 250,000 registered refugees Sweden is home to a higher proportion of people displaced by war, persecution, and humanitarian crises than any other European country.

As a Christian network, The Refugee Highway Partnership Europe seeks to connect and mobilize leaders, churches and organizations to effectively engage with refugees, knowing that for many highway travelers (includes formal refugees as well as those seeking asylum), the final destination will be Europe. RHP’s vision is to see a Kingdom movement of transformational ministry with and among forcibly displaced people in Europe and beyond. It fosters a spirit of welcoming and acceptance within the refugee communities where we serve. The 17 Roundtable so far brought 537 participants from 90 churches and organisation in 40 countries together.

During the roundtable attendees will take part in various workshops with practical application to their ministry, hear encouraging stories and inspirational challenges from around the continent, meet and connect with other participants who share the same passion and calling, discover, share useful resources, explore the diverse city of Malmö, and discover local initiatives to welcome and support refugees and migrants.

United Church of Christ's financial support for the border ministries of HRCA has greatly contributed to the costs of the participation of RCH delegation at this major event. 

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