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The Marriage and Family Support Service is an institution of Christian caretakers that was founded in 1991. Its services include children, adult and family therapy as well as pre-abortive crisis management guidance. And while it may be a Christian organization, all are welcome regardless of religious views.

The Support Service organizes courses and trainings at the request of congregations and secular groups. The Service is represented in Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival and Week of Marriage for example.

There are periods in every life when external help is needed to get through hard situations. In turn, this helps you better understand yourself while becoming a more effective problem solver. This self-recognition gives you the tools to get through difficult times and find better answers during stressful situations.

The Support Service offers individual and ministerial counseling in the form of lifestyle management, spiritual guidance and individual therapy. Lifestyle management discusses individual's personal experiences through small-group conversations in order to help others consider solutions from a different perspective. The Service's spiritual guidance supports those going through life, religious or existence troubles, and its aim is to discover answers together in a Christian way. Individual therapy focuses on assimilation after traumas, for example: divorce, bereavement, emotional life problems and pre/post-abortive crisis management.

Another important service offered is couple and family consultation. Family therapy approaches these relationships as a system. The sub-systems of the family and the individual's family relations are the main focus of the therapy. It tries to set up communication and interaction with rewards that impact changes that have occurred within the relationship.

The first problem that the family therapy addresses is pre-abortive crisis management. A nurse will meet with expectant mothers to give them information regarding support they can receive from the state, society or the Church, which can help guide future parents through serious crisis situations.

Another family issue is children's psychological care and ministerial youth counseling. This addresses behavioural problems, studying and goal accomplishment issues and psychological problems. Children and youth between the ages of 3-18 are welcome.

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