Breaking Down Barriers from Both Sides

2020. március 16., tags: roma ministry, rch, churches commission for migrants in europe (ccme)

Both Sides are needed in Roma Ministry to break down barriers, concluded the three-day international conference, organized by CCME (Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe), in cooperation with the Ecumenical Office and the National Roma Ministry of the Reformed Church in Hungary at the Synod Office of RCH between 9-11 March, 2020. The meeting, which focused on ways of implementing ministry among the Roma, was attended by representatives of various Protestant and Orthodox churches from ten countries, who shared their good practices and also gained inspiration from RCH’s Roma Ministry activities.

Commemoration, Not Closure

2020. február 10., tags: trianon 100, ablonczy balázs, rch, trianon, interview, peace treaty of Versailles

At the start of the “Year of National Unity” in Hungary, we sat down to talk to historian Balázs Ablonczy, head of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ Lendület (Momentum) Research Group called Trianon 100, about the trauma of Trianon: facts and fallacies, as well as the ever-recurring question of “what if”.

Calming the Storm

2019. augusztus 02., tags: youth ministry, Starpoint, starpoint2019, starpoint, youth mission, rch

„Let your ears hear and get into the boat of each other’s life, because we fulfill our mission when we do not walk by the others” – said Péter Pál Czeglédi to the participants during the closing worship of the ninth Starpoint Festival. The festival ended with a communion.

Let’s Help Each Other Come to Faith!

2019. augusztus 02., tags: Starpoint, starpoint2019, starpoint, youth mission, youth ministry, rch

“Feel Kingdom of God surround you as you look for Him in the middle,” said István Szabó, Presiding Bishop of the RCH, who encouraged the participants of the Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival. On July 23rd, the ninth Starpoint kicked off in Debrecen with more than two thousand participants.

Starpoint Youth Festival

2019. július 22., tags: rch

God Surrounds You

2019. július 22., tags: rch, starpoint2019, youth festival, youth mission

At this year's Starpoint, we want to show you how we are all surrounded by God’s love, even if we don't feel it or we haven't recognized it yet. In 2019, Debrecen will, again, host the meeting of the Reformed young people of the Carpathian Basin. This time, the theme will be unity and community.

Injustice in Tabriz

2019. június 05., tags: solidarity, rch, Solidarity

Last month, the Assyrian Presbyterian Church in Tabriz, Iran was stormed by intelligence agents of the Iranian government. In response to this, the Founding Committee of the SECID called for an urgent appeal for advocacy.

HRCA Donation Campaign for Syria

2019. március 04., tags: Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), union of armenian evangleical churches in thenear east (uaecne), hungarian reformed church aid (HRCA), rch, Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (hrca), syria, armenian evangelical community in syria, national evangelical synod of syria and lebanon(nessl)

Maintaining the partnership with the Reformed communities in the Middle East, the HRCA expands the donation campaign to support not only the community programs like the Sunday school project, but also various humanitarian programs.

Programs for the Year of Unity

2019. február 26., tags: rch

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the reunion of the Hungarian Reformed Church, a youth festival, several professional forums, and other annually organized programs held throughout the Carpathian Basin, will determine the rhythm of 2019. We gathered these transborder Reformed programs below.

Call for Prayers and Support after Devastating Seminary Fire

2019. január 25., tags: fire, rch, Reformed Dormitory

The World Communion of Reformed Churches has also expressed its solidarity and shared a call for prayer after the devastating seminary fire.

Fire broke out at Reformed Dormitory

2019. január 24., tags: Reformed Dormitory, rch, fire

On the evening of Wednesday, 23, January, fire broke out at the Reformed dormitory on Ráday street in Budapest. The fire took the life of one person.

WCRC Condemns Abduction of Children in Cameroon

2018. november 07., tags: rch, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

On Sunday, 4 November, nearly 80 children and three staff members were kidnapped from Presbyterian School Bamenda by armed men in northwest Cameroon. This was the second kidnapping of students within the week.

A Light of Hope and Peace

2018. április 19., tags: world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), Middle East, middle east, rch, partnership

WCRC President, Rev. Najla Kassab visited Hungary for the first time to attend the WCRC Europe Area Council meeting. During her stay in Hungary, Rev. Kassab attended various meetings and met with officials of the government, as well as leadership of the Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC).

Meeting of the Council of WCRC Europe

2018. április 17., tags: rch, europe, wolrd communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

The Council of the World Communion of Reformed Churches in Europe gathered for its annual meeting to conclude certain projects and gain direction for ongoing and future programs. Highlights of the meeting included the President’s report, the report of the Task Force on Migration and Refugees, and the election of the new Steering Committee of the Council.

Scholarship for Syrian School Kids

2018. január 23., tags: syria, rch, partnership, middle east, Middle East

RCH continues in partnership with HEKS/EPER to support the work of Reformed churches in the Middle East.

The City of Reformation

2016. december 15., tags: reformation jubilee, debrecen, city of reformation, Debrecen, rch, reformation

As 2017 comes closer, the RCH and the Hungarian city of Debrecen prepare for Reformation celebrations. Debrecen has been chosen as a City of Reformation for the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation and is busy preparing festivities for the coming year. The RCH is also preparing to celebrate the 450-year anniversary of the Hungarian Reformed Church in 2017, one that will tie into Reformation celebrations in Hungary.

Connection and Community

2016. október 14., tags: rch, Scottish Mission, 175, anniversary, scottish mission

The Scottish Mission in Budapest recently celebrated its 175th anniversary and members of the RCH and the Church of Scotland participated in the Jubilee. A delegation from Scotland traveled to Budapest to join in the festivities and even stayed for the following week to tour the city and see the church’s historic connections. 

The Church of Scotland Made Me

2016. szeptember 13., tags: rch, Scottish Mission, anniversary, interview, 175, scottish mission

In celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Scottish Mission in Budapest, the RCH talks with Rev Bertalan Tamás, former Minister at the Mission, to hear about his time in the congregation. Rev Tamás was the Minister at the Mission from 1976 until 2005, a time filled with uncertainty, community building, and interfaith relations. 

A Practical Faith

2016. augusztus 08., tags: rch, Scottish Mission, anniversary, interview, 175, scottish mission

In celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Scottish Mission in Budapest, the RCH talks with Rev Ken MacKenzie, former Minister at the Mission, to hear about his time in the congregation. Rev Mackenzie was the Minister at the Mission from 2000 until 2005, a time when church membership grew and the congregation made an intentional effort to reach out and build relationships with refugees in their midst. 

A Family of Faith

2016. július 29., tags: 175, interview, anniversary, Scottish Mission, rch, scottish mission

In celebration of the 175th Anniversary of the Scottish Mission in Budapest, the RCH talks with Rev. Njeri Wagana Hughes, current Associate Minister at the Mission, to hear about her time in the congregation. Rev Wagana Hughes has been the Associate Minister at the Mission since 2015, though she has been a part of the community there since 2006.

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