Starpoint 2019: Unity and Community

2019. augusztus 02., tags: starpoint2019, youth mission, starpoint, youth ministry, Starpoint

This past week the Reformed Church of Hungray hosted 31 internationals from 11 different countries and from 17 different partner church’s, many of whom are members of the World Communion of Reformed Church.

Calming the Storm

2019. augusztus 02., tags: youth ministry, Starpoint, starpoint2019, starpoint, youth mission, rch

„Let your ears hear and get into the boat of each other’s life, because we fulfill our mission when we do not walk by the others” – said Péter Pál Czeglédi to the participants during the closing worship of the ninth Starpoint Festival. The festival ended with a communion.

Let’s Help Each Other Come to Faith!

2019. augusztus 02., tags: Starpoint, starpoint2019, starpoint, youth mission, youth ministry, rch

“Feel Kingdom of God surround you as you look for Him in the middle,” said István Szabó, Presiding Bishop of the RCH, who encouraged the participants of the Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival. On July 23rd, the ninth Starpoint kicked off in Debrecen with more than two thousand participants.

God Surrounds You

2019. július 22., tags: rch, starpoint2019, youth festival, youth mission

At this year's Starpoint, we want to show you how we are all surrounded by God’s love, even if we don't feel it or we haven't recognized it yet. In 2019, Debrecen will, again, host the meeting of the Reformed young people of the Carpathian Basin. This time, the theme will be unity and community.

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