We Still May Not Know the Greatest Stories of the Reformation

2019. november 28., tags: reformation, interview, history

We visited church historian Judit Balogh in her home in Miskolc, so that we could speak about the Reformation, and its effects on Hungary. The professor of the Eszterházy Károly University also told us what she personally received from the great Reformers.

A Resistance that Endures

2017. március 09., tags: revolution, history, 1848, jános arany

János Arany, famous Hungarian poet and quiet revolutionary, was recently honored posthumously for his famous poem, The Bards of Wales, as part of the 200th anniversary of his birth. The tale, based off a Welsh legend, was written in 1857 after the unsuccessful Hungarian Revolution of 1848 as an act of civil resistance. 

Scottish Mission in the Midst of Revolution

2016. március 08., tags: scottish mission, 1848, history, anniversary, Scottish Mission, 175, revolution

15 March is a national holiday and a day of celebration throughout Hungary to remember the Hungarian revolution in 1848 and subsequent war for independence. It affected everyone in Hungary, including the Scottish Mission partners of the RCH. During this tumultuous political time, the Scots were engaged in a complex struggle to minister to a community who needed them in the midst of a city that sometimes did not want them. 

Today’s Hungarian Soldiers of Nagysalló

2014. március 13., tags: revolution, history, 1848

1848–49. A handful of Hungarians in Nagysalló cherish the memory of one of the bloodiest battles in the war for independence. At one site of the “glorious” spring campaign in the Felvidék, we find descendants of late Hungarian soldiers.

Jubilee of the Reformers and the Reformation

2014. február 18., tags: history, jubilee, reformation

The tradition of celebrating the renewal of faith that occured in the age of reformation goes back centuries. The intellectual heritage of the reformers is remembered in both the Carpathian Basin and in Western Europe alike.

The Reformation’s Hungary, Hungary’s Reformation

2013. október 31., tags: day of reformation, history, reformation, october 31

To celebrate the day of reformation, 31 October, Rev. Dr. Gabor J. Lanyi from the Hungarian Reformed Church in America takes a look at the historical and cultural importance of the Protestant reformation in Hungary.

"I have no grief"

2013. október 25., tags: history, szabó dániel, interview, 1956, revolution

A lot of people know him in the church. It's no wonder, because he is always on his way, and although he has many tasks, there is not an important church event where he is not present. In remembrance of the 1956 revolution we spoke with Dániel Szabó, who was recently awarded the anniversary medallion of the Debrecen Reformed College on its 475th anniversary. We asked the former lay president of the Cistibiscan church district, who turned 80 this year, about his memories from the '50s.

A Reformed Voice in the Time of Revolution

2013. október 22., tags: ravasz lászló, history, Ravasz László, 1956, revolution

The 23rd of October is the anniversary of the 1956 uprising in Budapest against the Soviet regime in Hungary. It began as a student-led demonstration, which marched through the streets of Budapest to the Parliament building. As they marched, students announced a list of 16 demands for the government. Violence broke out on the streets when demonstrators were fired upon by the State Security Police outside the radio building. A short lived revolution spread throughout the country that was ultimately unsuccessful when the Russians again stormed the country on 4 November.

In memory of the martyrs and the witnesses of faith - 1849

2012. október 16., tags: history

In the past 163 years Hungarians have annually remembered the heroes of the revolution and the war of independence, who were murdered on 6 October 1849, bearing in mind that in the Autumn of 1849 several other innocent victims, and among them, Reformed witnesses of faith were sentenced to death or imprisonment.

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