A Resistance that Endures

2017. március 09., tags: revolution, history, 1848, jános arany

János Arany, famous Hungarian poet and quiet revolutionary, was recently honored posthumously for his famous poem, The Bards of Wales, as part of the 200th anniversary of his birth. The tale, based off a Welsh legend, was written in 1857 after the unsuccessful Hungarian Revolution of 1848 as an act of civil resistance. 

Scottish Mission in the Midst of Revolution

2016. március 08., tags: scottish mission, 1848, history, anniversary, Scottish Mission, 175, revolution

15 March is a national holiday and a day of celebration throughout Hungary to remember the Hungarian revolution in 1848 and subsequent war for independence. It affected everyone in Hungary, including the Scottish Mission partners of the RCH. During this tumultuous political time, the Scots were engaged in a complex struggle to minister to a community who needed them in the midst of a city that sometimes did not want them. 

Today’s Hungarian Soldiers of Nagysalló

2014. március 13., tags: revolution, history, 1848

1848–49. A handful of Hungarians in Nagysalló cherish the memory of one of the bloodiest battles in the war for independence. At one site of the “glorious” spring campaign in the Felvidék, we find descendants of late Hungarian soldiers.

Birth of a Revolution

2013. március 14., tags: holiday, 1848, Hungary, 15 March, revolution

15 March is a national holiday and day of celebration in Hungary. It is a day to remember the Hungarian revolution in 1848 and subsequent war for independence from the Austrian-Habsburg monarchy rule.

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