Let’s Search for the One!

2019. november 14., tags: General Convent, hungarian reformed church(hrc), reformed christian calvinist church in croatia(rcccc), youth mission, general convent, youth ministry

“We need to invite the youth to get together, listen to each other, and feel that we belong together,” believes Rev. Péter Szenn, Bishop of the Reformed Christian Calvinist Church in Croatia. The representatives of the Hungarian Reformed youth organizations in the Carpathian Basin met this autumn in Kopács, where they could get to know the situation of the Reformed people living in Croatia.

The Kingdom of God is Among You

2019. szeptember 12., tags: Starpoint, youth mission, starpoint, youth ministry

The 2019 Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival took place in Debrecen from 23 July to 27 July. This year, the festival focused on the theme of Unity and Community: The Kingdom of God Surrounds Us.

In Need of More Esthers

2019. szeptember 05., tags: Starpoint, youth festival, youth mission, starpoint

Ecumenical guests journeyed to Starpoint from 11 countries and 16 partner churches of the RCH. Some expected a conference while others were surprised that, here, youthful songs were being sung. They said that because of the free space and informality, young people are able to turn to God the way it feels good to them. We spoke with eight out of the 31 guests, and we also asked them of their favorite Bible verse that gives them strength.

Starpoint 2019: Unity and Community

2019. augusztus 02., tags: starpoint2019, youth mission, starpoint, youth ministry, Starpoint

This past week the Reformed Church of Hungray hosted 31 internationals from 11 different countries and from 17 different partner church’s, many of whom are members of the World Communion of Reformed Church.

Calming the Storm

2019. augusztus 02., tags: youth ministry, Starpoint, starpoint2019, starpoint, youth mission, rch

„Let your ears hear and get into the boat of each other’s life, because we fulfill our mission when we do not walk by the others” – said Péter Pál Czeglédi to the participants during the closing worship of the ninth Starpoint Festival. The festival ended with a communion.

Let’s Help Each Other Come to Faith!

2019. augusztus 02., tags: Starpoint, starpoint2019, starpoint, youth mission, youth ministry, rch

“Feel Kingdom of God surround you as you look for Him in the middle,” said István Szabó, Presiding Bishop of the RCH, who encouraged the participants of the Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival. On July 23rd, the ninth Starpoint kicked off in Debrecen with more than two thousand participants.

God Surrounds You

2019. július 22., tags: rch, starpoint2019, youth festival, youth mission

At this year's Starpoint, we want to show you how we are all surrounded by God’s love, even if we don't feel it or we haven't recognized it yet. In 2019, Debrecen will, again, host the meeting of the Reformed young people of the Carpathian Basin. This time, the theme will be unity and community.

More than a Festival

2019. június 28., tags: youth, Starpoint, youth mission, starpoint

“We can also experience at Starpoint that the Christian faith is not outdated, but God’s Kingdom is present and all around us,” emphasized Péter Bedekovics. At this year’s Reformed Youth Festival, we encourage young people to think about how they can shape the world to resemble God’s Kingdom more and more. Besides this, more than 100 cultural, public, scientific, psychological, musical and sports programs are waiting for those who are interested.

Starpoint 2019

2018. október 30., tags: starpoint, starpoint reformed youth festival, youth mission, Starpoint

The 2019 Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival will be held on 23-27 July in Debrecen, focusing on the theme "Unity".

Strengthening Our Youth Leaders

2018. augusztus 13., tags: konfi+, interview, youth mission

“Give attention to yourself and your teaching” (1 Timothy 4:16) – Organizers chose this verse to be the motto of this year’s Konfi+ Conference. This year Oradea (Nagyvárad) in Romania hosted the Konfi + Conference from 5 to 8 August. We talked with Rev. Péter Bedekovics, Reformed pastor and the new leader of the RCH Youth Office, about the themes and preparations for the conference.

RCH's Contribution to Year of Young People

2018. május 23., tags: church of scotland (cofs), Church of Scotland (CofS), Church of Scotland (cofs), youth mission

The Scottish Government and the Church of Scotland is dedicating the year 2018 to the Young People. In celebration of the young people, the Church of Scotland began creating Prayer Cards, and the RCH has contributed to this project with four of our own young people.

Youngsters about youth work

2018. május 08., tags: youth assembly, youth mission

Everyone can be an example - that was the topic of the RCH Youth Assembly held on 6-7 April 2018, where more than forty Reformed students, high school and college, came from different parts of the country to discuss the Youth Ministry in the Synod. How can the youngsters be examples? Participants of the Youth Assembly thought creatively, testified courageously, paid attention to each other, and praised the Lord together.  It is also promising that the staff of the youth hostel, where the students were staying, did not believe that their guests were students.

Real Questions – Real Answers

2018. március 07., tags: youth mission, university chaplaincy

The youngsters are disinterested, not curious about the church – sounds the familiar statement, which is refuted every time by the conversation series for students organized by the University Chaplaincy of the Károli Gáspár Reformed University and the University Chaplaincy Mission in Pest. We asked Tamás András Márkus, the university chaplain, about this program called, Tiszta vizet a pohárba!

Youth Prayer Night 2017

2017. október 26., tags: Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), youth mission, hungarian reformed church (hrc), prayer night

Youth Prayer Night in the Carpathian Basin is being organized annually. This year the Reformation is the theme of the Prayer Night. where bishops of the Hungarian Reformed Community within and beyond the Hungarian border, call the youth for participation to.

The Tool for Retaining Young People

2016. szeptember 07., tags: youth mission, interview

European Protestant churches from nine countries participated in an international research on confirmation work from autumn 2012 to spring 2013, which was a combined effort of the Hungarian Reformed Church together with Hungarian Lutheran and Methodist churches. We recently talked with Ádám Hámori, sociologist and a Hungarian member of the research team, about his thoughts on the confirmation ceremony, the confirmation education leading up to it, and the young people who participate in this education. This research was then also discussed in detail with attendees of the Konfi+ conference, recently held in Debrecen.

God is the Same Around the World

2016. július 15., tags: partnership, youth mission, presbyterian church in canada

A youth delegation from the HRC, including members from Romania, Ukraine, and Hungary, recently participated in the Canada Youth International Visitor Program of the Presbyterian Church in Canada. The group of eight youth spend one week touring Canada and learning about its history, followed by one week at the Canada Youth 2016 gathering. 

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