Let’s Search for the One!

2019. november 14., tags: General Convent, hungarian reformed church(hrc), reformed christian calvinist church in croatia(rcccc), youth mission, general convent, youth ministry

“We need to invite the youth to get together, listen to each other, and feel that we belong together,” believes Rev. Péter Szenn, Bishop of the Reformed Christian Calvinist Church in Croatia. The representatives of the Hungarian Reformed youth organizations in the Carpathian Basin met this autumn in Kopács, where they could get to know the situation of the Reformed people living in Croatia.

Joy of Volunteering

2019. október 19., tags: youth ministry, 72hours, volunteering

The 12th "72 hour - No Compromise" volunteering action was a success, again. Almost ten thousand young people participated in the three-day-long ecumenical initiative through weekend.

The Kingdom of God is Among You

2019. szeptember 12., tags: Starpoint, youth mission, starpoint, youth ministry

The 2019 Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival took place in Debrecen from 23 July to 27 July. This year, the festival focused on the theme of Unity and Community: The Kingdom of God Surrounds Us.

Starpoint 2019: Unity and Community

2019. augusztus 02., tags: starpoint2019, youth mission, starpoint, youth ministry, Starpoint

This past week the Reformed Church of Hungray hosted 31 internationals from 11 different countries and from 17 different partner church’s, many of whom are members of the World Communion of Reformed Church.

Calming the Storm

2019. augusztus 02., tags: youth ministry, Starpoint, starpoint2019, starpoint, youth mission, rch

„Let your ears hear and get into the boat of each other’s life, because we fulfill our mission when we do not walk by the others” – said Péter Pál Czeglédi to the participants during the closing worship of the ninth Starpoint Festival. The festival ended with a communion.

Let’s Help Each Other Come to Faith!

2019. augusztus 02., tags: Starpoint, starpoint2019, starpoint, youth mission, youth ministry, rch

“Feel Kingdom of God surround you as you look for Him in the middle,” said István Szabó, Presiding Bishop of the RCH, who encouraged the participants of the Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival. On July 23rd, the ninth Starpoint kicked off in Debrecen with more than two thousand participants.

Young Adults at Taize Meeting in Beirut

2019. április 11., tags: middle east, Middle East, youth ministry

In March, young adult representatives of the RCH joined 1600 young people at the gathering of the International Ecumenical Youth Meeting in Beirut, Lebanon.

God can be Found Anywhere

2017. október 09., tags: youth ministry, starpoint, youth festival, Starpoint

Sabrina Ebengho, a youth delegate from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to the Starpoint Youth Festival, shares a reflection on her time in Hungary. 

We are the Work of our Potter

2017. szeptember 27., tags: youth ministry, starpoint, youth festival, Starpoint

Erica Fernandez, a youth delegate from the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to the Starpoint Youth Festival, shares a reflection on her time in Hungary. 

Voices from the Middle East

2017. szeptember 14., tags: youth ministry, youth festival, Starpoint, middle east, interview, starpoint, Middle East, fmeec, FMEEC

As part of a developing partnership of solidarity with churches in the Middle East, four young people from the region attended this year’s Starpoint Youth Festival in Debrecen, Hungary. During their time in Hungary, the delegates sat down with the RCH to discuss their experiences of church in their homeland and what it was like experiencing a Christian festival of this scale in Europe. 

Reformation Today

2017. szeptember 07., tags: youth ministry, starpoint, youth festival, Starpoint

Sarah Blair, youth delegate from PC USA to the Starpoint Youth Festival of RCH shares a reflection on her time in Hungary.

Youth Develop Deep Bonds of Community

2017. augusztus 28., tags: Starpoint, starpoint, youth ministry

Reformed youth from the Carpathian Basin and beyond gathered in Debrecen, Hungary in July for the biannual Starpoint reformed youth festival, focused on Reformation. The youth attended worship services, participated in daily workshops, and let loose at nightly concerts during the five day festival, resulting in life-long bonds of friendship and the further development of their spiritual lives

Sightseeing Tour of Debrecen with the International Visitors

2017. augusztus 04., tags: youth ministry, starpoint, Starpoint

One afternoon the international visitors of the Starpoint Festival set off for a sightseeing tour of Debrecen.

You Must be a Change to Make a Change

2017. június 14., tags: youth ministry

The RCH’s Youth Assembly recently met on April 28-29 and discussed the building and formation of congregations. Calvinist youth from across Hungary came together for two days of fellowship, community, discussions, and spiritual growth. 

Bringing Home the Spark

2017. április 27., tags: youth ministry

Participants at a meeting for reformed university students were recently reminded that they are not alone in their faith and that God has a plan for all of us. Students came from all over the Carpathian Basin to ÁrAdás to be in fellowship with one another.

Living Bricks

2017. április 05., tags: university chaplaincy, youth ministry

The Reformed University Chaplaincy of Szeged celebrates its tenth birthday and is organizing a meeting in the Carpathian Basin. The program started as a small Bible study but has now grown into a flourishing congregation. At the Starpoint Youth Festival two years ago the congregation held interactive events at a program venue related to the theme of growing up, and they will be an active presence at this year’s Starpoint in July. 

NYA Through International Eyes

2016. augusztus 25., tags: youth ministry, youh, cofs, CofS

The Church of Scotland’s National Youth Assembly recently took place and two women from Hungary were in attendance to see how the NYA works in influencing the progress of the wider church. Topics of discussion included gender justice, mental health, and the future of ministry and fresh expressions of church.

Window to God

2016. július 19., tags: josefstal, youth ministry

After attending a 10-day ecumenical gathering in early June, Eszter Feke reflects on her time in Germany. The European ecumenical study course has been taking place in a small town near Munich for the last 50 years, gathering religious professionals for discussions and community building. This years focus was arts and faith.

Finding A Place in the Church

2016. május 04., tags: youth, youth forum, youth ministry

Leading up to the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, the fifth RCH Youth Assembly took place from April 22-23 in Budapest. Fifty five delegates from the RCH’s secondary and higher education institutions, university congregations, and youth organizations looked for an answer to Luther’s question, which was formulated five hundred years ago, “How can I find the merciful God?"

Youth are the Future of the Church

2016. április 12., tags: youth ministry, YMCA Transylvania

The 95th anniversary of the YMCA Transylvania (IKE) was recently celebrated at the assembly hall of the Protestant Theological Institute of Cluj- Napoca. During the ceremony, participants could remember the hard times of the period between the two World Wars, the road-searching of the youth, and the new opportunities which were given by the Regime Change. In addition to this, former IKE presidents of the past twenty-five years also gave inspirational speeches. 

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