2016 General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

2016. május 23., tags: partnership, church of scotland(cofs)

Our partner church, the Church of Scotland is holding its General Assembly from 21-27 May 2016 in Edinburgh. Official delegates of RCH and the Scottish Mission in Budapest are also attending.

Traveling the Path of Refugees

2016. március 30., tags: presbyterian church in usa (pcusa), refugee, partnership, moderátor, refugee ministry, moderator

International partners from the Presbyterian Church (USA) recently visited the RCH to deepen ecumenical ties between the American and Hungarian churches while tracing the path of refugees through Hungary, Greece and Germany. The delegation, led by the PCUSA Moderator, also consists of representatives from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA), as well as local pastors and leaders from the wider PCUSA denomination, who have come to engage in active support of the work being done in Hungary by the RCH for migrants and asylum seekers.

American Students Reflect on Their Transformative Time in Hungary

2016. január 20., tags: calvin college, scottish mission, rch, Scottish Mission, partnership, Calvin College, Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Church of Scotland (CoS)

Each year since 1997, a group of students from Calvin College, a reformed Christian university in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, comes to Hungary for a semester abroad at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary. The students immerse themselves in Hungarian life and studies, while being transformed through vital service learning placements. 

The Calvin Connection

2016. január 20., tags: calvin college, Calvin College, partnership, Károli Gáspár Reformed University

Each year since 1997, a group of students from Calvin College, a Reformed Christian university in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, has come to Hungary for a semester abroad at Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary. The students immerse themselves in Hungarian life and studies, while being transformed through vital service-learning placements. The RCH recently spoke with two faculty members at Calvin College to learn more about the history of this remarkable partnership. 

’For You Yourselves Were Foreigners’ - Partner Consultation in Rhineland

2016. január 15., tags: partnership, refugee ministry, bishop, refugee

Prior to the Synod Meeting of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, Praeses Manfred Rekowski invited the leaders of their partner churches to a consultation "For You Yourselves Were Foreigners..." to talk and exchange of views on the refugee situation. On behalf of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Bishop István Szabó was present and asked the participants to continue this common work in Budapest, where the next meeting will be held later this year. The following press release has been issued after the Consultation.

Looking back at 2015

2015. december 17., tags: Ukraine, week of creation, ukraine, starpoint, community of protestant churches in europe (cpce), partnership, synod, 2015, Synod

We look back at the last year, full of gratitude for the things that happened within the Reformed Church in Hungary during this vibrant and vital time. 

The Importance of Encouragement

2015. december 14., tags: partnership, Synod, synod, interview, presbyterian church in ireland (pci)

The connection that Very Rev. Dr. Ivan Patterson and Mrs. Maureen Patterson, of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, have with Hungary has been 20 years in the making, culminating with their current trip to Budapest to encourage and learn from students and ministers here. The RCH sat down with the two of them after the November 2015 Synod meeting to discuss the end of their time here, how it will continue to impact them in the future, and the Very Rev. Dr. Patterson’s thoughts on the role that the church will play in the coming year. 

Presbyterian Church in Ireland Visits RCH to Strengthen Ties Between the Churches

2015. október 21., tags: presbyterian church in ireland (pci), partnership, károli gáspár univerity (kre)

In order to strengthen ties between the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and the Reformed Church in Hungary, a conference was held at the Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Theological Seminary in Budapest, Hungary on the 20th of October. Speakers from the two nations gathered, along with faculty from the school, fascinated seminary students, and other interested parties to discuss a wide range of topics relating to the modern church and its sense of mission in the world. 

Ecumenical Journey for Mission Continues

2015. június 01., tags: protestant church in the netherlands (pcn), evangelical church of czech bretheren (eccb), partnership, visit, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc)

The Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH), the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN) and the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (ECCB) came together in Budapest on 19th-21st of May for an exchange program hosted by the Reformed Church in Hungary.

CoS Church & Society Secretary Visited Hungary

2015. május 06., tags: Church of Scotland (CoS), partnership, church and society

Martin Johnstone, newly appointed Secretary of the Church & Society Council of the Church of Scotland visited the Reformed Church in Hungary for a seven day official visit on the 17th April to the 23rd of April. 

Sabbatical Spent in Cambridge

2015. április 29., tags: partnership

When I arrived in Cambridge on September 11th 2014, my basic question was: How to Develop Fellowship and Community in the National Church and within the Local Congregation? Report of a RCH pastor on his sabbatial spent in Cambridge.

Memorandum signed with the Church of Scotland

2015. március 18., tags: memorandum, Church or Scotland (CoS), partnership

Rt. Rev. John Chalmers, Moderator of General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and the new Presidium of RCH expressed their commitment to a revitalized partnership by signing an agreement on the occasion of the 150 Years Jubilee of the Scottish-Hungarian Bursary Scheme.

International Guests Attended the RCH Synod

2014. november 20., tags: international delegates, reconciliation, partnership, synod2014, synod, Synod

The Reformed Church in Hungary is always intentional where the maintenance of international ecumenical relationships is concern. It is a tradition for us to ensure that our officially recognised partners are invited to send representatives to our Synod Meetings. In the same way the Reformed Church in Hungary receives invites to from all corners of the world, from America to Europe and from South Africa to South Korea. 

I see you…

2014. szeptember 09., tags: partnership, global ministries

Quadrennial Assembly, which is a conference for women that is organized by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) every four years, took place in Atlanta, GA. Global Ministries invited international guests from 18 countries, therefore around 25 partner churches and organizations were present at the event. Among the international sisters was Szabina Sztojka, delegate of the Reformed Church in Hungary.

Strengthening Today’s Partnership for the Church of Tomorrow

2014. szeptember 05., tags: prok, partnership, presbyterian church in the republic of korea (prok)

At first glance, the connection between Hungary and Korea may seem distant if not all together non-existent. However, the historical parallel between the Korean and Hungarian people has become a solid foundation for cooperation among churches.

New Tri-Church Project Born in the Netherlands

2014. június 12., tags: protestant church in the netherlands (pcn), evangelical church of czech bretheren (eccb), partnership

In a secularized European society, reaching out and making meaningful contact with society is one of the Church’s most difficult challenges and one of its greatest concerns.

Memories from London

2014. május 15., tags: university chaplaincy, partnership, youth

A group from the university chaplaincy in Szeged took a trip to London at the beginning of April in order to start a conversation with the All Souls university congregation about establishing a long term partnership between the two churches. The purpose of the trip was to study the congregational models in London, learn good practices and make new connections. The following is a report of their experience in London from a member of the Szeged group.

Overseas Prayer Partnership

2014. május 08., tags: reformed church in america (rca), partnership, prayer partnership

What do you think when you hear the word “partnership?” It’s a word with different meanings and connotations for different people. It could bring to mind business dealings or the support and love of a spouse or friend, but the most important characteristic of “partnership” is the fact that it is a relationship. In the last days of April, a group of Americans from Ferry Memorial Reformed Church in Montague, Michigan demonstrated what “partnership” means for them as they traveled Hungary to meet with two of their sister churches and develop some new relationships along the way.

Spotlight on Partnership

2014. február 04., tags: global ministries, roma ministry, interview, peter makari, partnership, ecumenical

Partnership is an invaluable asset for today’s global church, but it is also a broad term that encompasses many different forms of agreement and cooperation. Never is this more evident than the partnership between the Reformed Church in Hungary and Global Ministries in the USA.

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