Breaking Down Barriers from Both Sides

2020. március 16., tags: roma ministry, rch, churches commission for migrants in europe (ccme)

Both Sides are needed in Roma Ministry to break down barriers, concluded the three-day international conference, organized by CCME (Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe), in cooperation with the Ecumenical Office and the National Roma Ministry of the Reformed Church in Hungary at the Synod Office of RCH between 9-11 March, 2020. The meeting, which focused on ways of implementing ministry among the Roma, was attended by representatives of various Protestant and Orthodox churches from ten countries, who shared their good practices and also gained inspiration from RCH’s Roma Ministry activities.

Churches Together for Roma and Sinti

2020. március 13., tags: churches commission for migrants in europe (ccme), roma ministry

CCME Cooomunique about the Conference ‘Justice for Roma and Sinti: a challenge for churches’ that took place in the Synod Hall of RCH co-hosted by CCME and RCH.

Together for One Another

2020. március 06., tags: roma ministry, interview

We cannot cross out the Gospel passages in which Jesus tells us to include the excluded. Read and interview with the trainer Kinga Lakatos about the significance of community development in Roma Ministry on the occasion of a training for RCH pastors actively involved in serving among Roma.

Jesus Wants to Purify Our Hearts

2020. február 22., tags: roma ministry, Roma, roma, róma

The reformed Great Church in Debrecen hosted the 5th annual Protestant Roma Mission Conference where more than 1500 participants, mostly Roma, discussed, worshiped and prayed together under the biblical motto of the day: „Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” (Psalm 51,10)

Justice for Roma

2020. február 01., tags: roma ministry, churches commission for migrants in europe (ccme)

Under the title “Justice for Roma and Sinti – a challenge for churches” Churches´ Commission for Migrants in Europe will organize a conference in cooperation with the Reformed Church in Hungary to be held on 9–11 March 2020 in Budapest. The objective of the meeting in the Synod Building of RCH is to encorage churches across Europe to address the social and political challenges together, take a stance together with Roma and Sinti, cooperate in the field of advocacy, sensitisation and social support and exchange best practices.

A Textbook Case of Love

2019. december 16., tags: roma ministry, Christmas, christmas, interview

The corridors of the primary school in Göncruszka are covered in lights. The teachers and the children are preparing for Christmas together, where even the sport hall is decorated with the text of the Lord’s Prayer.

We can only represent what Jesus has taught us

2019. november 06., tags: roma ministry

“There is the goodness in the deep of everyone’s value system, but the circumstances determine one’s actions. “ - believes Csaba Burai, who went through hell so that a decade later he can help young people through what he went through. The social worker and case manager of the Drug Rehabilitation Ministry called Reformed Thrown Youth Rescue Mission (KIMM) of the Reformed Church in Hungary speaks of his wasted years, the tangible reality of conversion and the everydays of Ráckeresztúr. 

Identity and Service fulfilled in Christ

2019. október 07., tags: roma ministry, interview, roma mission

According to her, people can only reach their goals through the Gospel, she can incorporate both her faith and her professional experience into her current work with Roma communities. Anita Tóth has been serving as the National Roma Mission Coordinator since September 2018. In this interview, we discussed the importance of family and traditions, the work of the Holy Spirit, and her way leading to the Synod Office.

Even to read we must perish is dreadful

2019. szeptember 11., tags: interview, roma ministry, roma mission

It was 75 years ago, on the night between 2 and 3 August, 1944 that Nazi Germany closed down the Gypsy camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau, exterminating some three thousand Roma men, women and children – since 1972, this day has been the International Roma Holocaust Memorial Day. Initiated by the founder and artistic director of Madách Dance and Theatre Secondary School and Primary School of Arts, a physical theatre performance was created in the spring that deals with the tragedy of the Roma Holocaust. The piece has recently been performed at Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival. We sat down with Gyula Sárközi to discuss the background of the performance, the title of which roughly translates as ‘The Lurking Plague of the Past’, as well as the still relevant legacy of the past events.

In Peace for God, each other, ourselves

2019. április 26., tags: roma mission, roma ministry

In light of International Romani Day, Reformed Roma communities in the Carpathian Basin gathered to worship and pray for one another. This year, reconciliation is the focus of the event.

Building a House of Reconciliation

2019. március 04., tags: reconciliation, roma ministry

From February 20-23, a seminar on reconciliation took place in the beautiful mountains of Mátraháza, Hungary. The aim of the workshop was to facilitate reconciliation within the Hungarian context. Personal reflection from Stephanie Chunoo.

Take a Selfie without Makeup

2019. február 06., tags: roma ministry

The heads and mentors of the institutions participating in the joint program of the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) and Swiss Church Aid (HEKS) met for the first time on January 10-11, 2019 at the RCH Synod office. The main goal of the two-day workshop was for the pilot institutions to get to know one another, and to share good practices of their institutional cultures. Although the institutions have been using the Index for Inclusion methodological guide since the start of the pilot program, on the second day of the workshop, they worked with the Index in detail.

Mission of Reconciliation in Hungary

2018. december 12., tags: reconciliation, roma ministry

In Rwanda, reconciliation work has helped to heal the wounds of those who had been affected during the Genocide in 1994. After participating in various reconciliation workshops, the RCH Roma Mission has adopted the work of Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd to help reconciliation between Roma and non-Roma people in Hungary.

You cannot say “I’m not a racist but Roma people…”

2018. szeptember 20., tags: heks, HEKS, interview, roma ministry

Over the past three and a half years, Ágnes Nyeső has become the face of the National Roma Ministry of RCH as its mission coordinator, but at the beginning of September she took on a new role as school chaplain at three institutions of Bocskai István Reformed Education Centre in the cities of Dunaújváros and Csepel. In the present interview she shares her experiences within the mission, as well as some of her fondest memories.

God’s Kingdom Visible in Education

2018. május 30., tags: education, heks, HEKS, roma ministry

Colleagues of the Reformed Church in Hungary’s Roma Mission and HEKS-RCH joint project organized a workshop on the Inclusive Reformed Primary Schools at the Synod Office. The participants learned about the position of Hungarian primary education institutions regarding inclusion, discussed the topic during a roundtable session, and shared their practical experiences of the Inclusion Index.

Clinging to the talented ones like a thistle

2018. május 03., tags: roma ministry

In the primary school of Véménd, there are two groups of mostly Roma children, supported by HEKS (Swiss Interchurch Aid) for more than a year, where there has been an exemplary gifted children’s program for a long time. The teachers of the school in Baranya County not only devote their hard work to academics and art competitions, but also thanks to their work, there are no tensions between Roma, Swabian and Hungarian families.

Dreams Do Come True

2018. január 25., tags: Roma Collegium, roma ministry

Special Meeting of the Christian Roma Collegium Network took place at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on the 20th of January, where former and current students of the RCH's instituions were present as well.

I Stand Up for You

2017. december 14., tags: church of scotland (cofs), roma ministry, human trafficking, Church of Scotland (cofs), Church of Scotland (CofS)

Theatre performances can overwhelm and shake the audience, all the while being educational.

Roma Mission Conference in Berekfürdő

2017. december 13., tags: roma ministry

The National Roma Mission Conference happened in Berekfürdő between October 6th and 8th. 

A Little Help on the Way to Damascus

2017. október 06., tags: roma ministry

The Roma Mission of the Transtibiscan Reformed Church District and the Drop of Help Foundation for Underprivileged People participated in Family Day, a civil conference and workshop.

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