God does not Want a Boring Church

2019. augusztus 08., tags: church planting, reformed church in america (rca), interview

Debrecen’s newest Reformed community, the congregation of Úrrét, just turned one year old. The community, dynamically expanding and always looking for new possibilities, gathers on Sundays in the hall of one of the local primary schools – maybe they will have a church in the years to come.

Thinking Outside the Box

2015. január 13., tags: debrecen, Debrecen, partner, university chaplaincy, reformed church in america (rca)

Hungarian-American Church Planting Project Launched in the Debrecen Reformed University Congregation

Overseas Prayer Partnership

2014. május 08., tags: reformed church in america (rca), partnership, prayer partnership

What do you think when you hear the word “partnership?” It’s a word with different meanings and connotations for different people. It could bring to mind business dealings or the support and love of a spouse or friend, but the most important characteristic of “partnership” is the fact that it is a relationship. In the last days of April, a group of Americans from Ferry Memorial Reformed Church in Montague, Michigan demonstrated what “partnership” means for them as they traveled Hungary to meet with two of their sister churches and develop some new relationships along the way.

Roma Mission Hosts National Gathering and Day of Prayer

2014. április 23., tags: conference, reformed church in america (rca), roma ministry

Focusing on “Reconciliation – Wholeness – and Hope,” several hundred people gathered from across Hungary and from Subcarpathia for a national Roma mission Day of Prayer and sharing. Most of the attendees were Roma, with some non-Roma Hungarians and a few foreign volunteers present. The daylong event was held at the Káposztásmegyeri Reformed Church, Budapest. The Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) Roma Mission team hosted it.

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