Roma Mission Hosts National Gathering and Day of Prayer

2014. április 23., tags: conference, reformed church in america (rca), roma ministry

Focusing on “Reconciliation – Wholeness – and Hope,” several hundred people gathered from across Hungary and from Subcarpathia for a national Roma mission Day of Prayer and sharing. Most of the attendees were Roma, with some non-Roma Hungarians and a few foreign volunteers present. The daylong event was held at the Káposztásmegyeri Reformed Church, Budapest. The Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH) Roma Mission team hosted it.

The Path We Turn To

2014. március 21., tags: conference, holocaust, protestant/jewish relations, károli gáspár university

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Zsolt Németh, opened the Károli Gáspár University conference on Judaism in Hungary in the 20th and 21st centuries with this sentiment: “You cannot address the bright future without the dark past,” however he continued, “That future is at risk when in the name of Christianity, people speak from the dark past…from a place of intolerance...” In his speech, the state secretary stressed that anti-Semitism is both anti-democratic and anti-Hungarian, as well.

Report on Child Trauma Conference

2014. február 28., tags: conference, pcusa, mission co-workers

The Reformed Church in Hungary hosted a conference on 12-14 February about childhood trauma —what is it, what are its effects on children and teenagers, and how to work with traumatized children.  The keynote speaker was Eamon Anderson, an American social worker who works with American Indian tribes in Montana, and she works with the University of Montana with research in the relatively new field of childhood trauma — the understanding and treatment of children who have undergone traumatic events.  This same conference was also held in Tulcea, Romania, for people who work in orphanages in eastern Romania.  This conference was made possible by a generous grant from the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA).  Eamon had given a similar conference in Russia in March 2013, which was well received, and Russia wants her to return to give a follow-up conference in the future.

How Natural Are We? – Eco-Congregation Conference in Budapest

2013. május 10., tags: conference, green, eco-congregation

The Eco-Congregation Council of the Reformed Church of Hungary organized a conference on 27 April with the main topic of the conference focusing on the question: Our synthetic life: How natural are we inside?

Küszöb Conference: Crossing the Threshold

2013. március 19., tags: conference, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), handicapped, disabled

The Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) recently organized a conference to discuss the challenges facing disabled people in Reformed congregations as well as different ways churches have attempted to address these issues.

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