The Path We Turn To

2014. március 21., tags: conference, holocaust, protestant/jewish relations, károli gáspár university

The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Zsolt Németh, opened the Károli Gáspár University conference on Judaism in Hungary in the 20th and 21st centuries with this sentiment: “You cannot address the bright future without the dark past,” however he continued, “That future is at risk when in the name of Christianity, people speak from the dark past…from a place of intolerance...” In his speech, the state secretary stressed that anti-Semitism is both anti-democratic and anti-Hungarian, as well.

Common Past of Jews and Reformed

2014. március 18., tags: protestant/jewish relations, ecumenical relations, holocaust, csenger

The Jas Vasem Institution in Jerusalem welcomed a delegation from the Csenger Reformed Congregation with a ceremony to commemorate the unique material that the delegation contributed to the Institution's collection, which helped elaborate on the common past of the reformed and Jewish from Csenger.

“Anne Frank- History for Today” traveling exhibition opened at Dóczy High School of the Reformed College in Debrecen

2014. március 11., tags: holocaust, protestant/jewish relations, exhibition, anne frank

"History is the master of life and we should let the past to show us a way for a more humane and pure future. The past should not be deleted, but from it we should learn how not to commit its faults again," said István Derencsényithe notary of the Transtibiscan Reformed Church District in his words of greeting at the opening gala of the traveling Anne Frank exhibition. He also highlighted that survival depends on remembrance and reminding, because history is needed today. We cannot forget what happened in the past in favor of our future.

Statement of the Hungarian Council of Christians and Jews

2014. február 27., tags: protestant/jewish relations, council for christians and jews, holocaust, statement

In response to the controversy surrounding the Holocaust Memorial Year in Hungary, the Council of Christians and Jews, representing the member Jewish organizations and Christian churches in Hungary, has released a statement.

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