Open Dialogue and a New Beginning

2013. október 02., tags: germany, reformed alliance, kirchentag 2013

The Reformed Alliance in Germany is an independent organization similar to an NGO comprised of 600 individual members, 360 member congregations and 3 member churches. Recently two board representatives, including General Secretary Jörg Schmidt, met with leaders from the Reformed Church in Hungary to discuss the Alliance’s upcoming board meeting to take place in Hungary in April 2014.

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Reformed Church in Hungary

Address: H-1146 Budapest, Abonyi utca 21.   

PO Box: 1140 Budapest 70, Pf. 5

Phone/Fax: + 36 1 460 0708 


Our church through American eyes

We encourage you to read our  former GM intern Kearstin Bailey's blog about her time, spent in Hungary.