Helpers Returned Home

2013. november 29., tags: hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), philippines, response, emergency, typhoon

"The help we provided is just a few drops in the ocean, but for those we helped, it meant everything," said Daniel Osgyán, director of Emergency Response for the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA), who returned 22 November with a group of doctors from the typhoon ravaged Philippines. The team of seven treated and supported those in need for eleven days and nights. After their return, a press conference was immediately held in the RCH Synod Office.

The Flood Has Passed Its Peak But We Are Not Done

2013. június 14., tags: emergency, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), flood

Although the flood has passed the upper parts of the Danube in Hungary, those living within reach of the water cannot rest yet: the embankments may not be able withstand the long-term weight. What's more, with the flood gone, the sandbags become hazardous waste that need to be pulled down, thus volunteers still have work to do. They are now accompanied by ambulances, so that those concerned can receive immunization.

Hungarian Reformed Church Aid Flood Preparations Underway

2013. június 06., tags: emergency, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca), flood

Anticipation is high on the Danube, because in the past 50 years its water has never been as high as it is right now. Estimations say the crest will reach Budapest on Thursday, but the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) is already making preparations against the flooding.

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