"With Love, Jane Haining"

2014. november 05., tags: CoS, scottish mission, holocast, jane haining, church of scotland

On 26th October 2014, Jane Haining was remembered in book and film.  On this day at 16.30 people gathered at the Scottish Mission building for a book and film launch. 

Church of Scotland: Presence in Society

2014. június 24., tags: eszter dani, general assembly, church of scotland

The Church of Scotland General Assembly is an important event in the life of the Scottish Church that takes place every year in Edinburgh. This year the head of the Mission Department, Rev. Eszter Dani, was invited to represent the Reformed Church in Hungary at the Assembly as an international delegate.

What’s the connection?

2014. február 26., tags: church of scotland, st columba, partner, youth, Scottish Mission, scottish mission

What is the connection between a European Youth Presbytery Meeting of the Church of Scotland and the Reformed Church in Hungary?

Evolution of the Scottish Mission in Budapest

2013. augusztus 15., tags: scottish mission, st columba, Scottish Mission, jane haining, church of scotland

The RCH and the Church of Scotland have a longstanding relationship and unique history. The following article is an interview with Rev. Aaron Stevens, current minister of St. Columba's Church of Scotland, discussing the evolution of the Scottish Mission in Budapest and the ties that bind both churches together.

Searching to Protect the Created World in Scotland

2013. július 10., tags: church of scotland, eco competition, eco-congregation

Winners of the first National Creation Care Competition participated in a six-day study visit to Scotland. During the eventful trip, students of the Fasor Lutheran Secondary School had the opportunity to see the Scottish eco-congregation programme in action.

The Scottish Mission in Budapest: A Spirit of Cooperation and Tolerance, Then and Now

2012. december 10., tags: antisemitism, st columba, scottish mission, church of scotland

Aaron Stevens, pastor at St. Columba’s Presbyterian Church in Budapest, a congregation historically linked with the RCH, shared his thoughts on Jane Haining and her legacy of tolerance. The article was published last summer in the newspaper of the World Mission Council of the Church of Scotland. Haining was a missionary from the Church of Scotland who dedicated her life to the service of Jewish and Christian alike. She was taken to and later executed in Auschwitz during World War II.

Green Theology is the Only Solution - Launching the Hungarian Eco-Congregation Programme

2012. október 10., tags: eco-congregation, church of scotland

In October, 2010 the Church of Scotland and the Reformed Church in Hungary joined an agreement in order to launch the Hungarian equivalent of the Eco-Congregation Programme, which is already running successfully in Scotland.

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