Students' Solidarity with Syria

2020. február 18., tags: armenian evangelical community in syria, syria, Middle East, education, middle east, campaign

Students’ Donation Campaign for Syrian schools hits 10-years High in history of the Reformed Educational Fund in the Carpathian Basin. Students and teachers of Hungarian reformed schools raised more than 60 000 USD for the renovation of Syrian evangelical schools.

School for Christmas

2020. január 07., tags: armenian evangelical community in syria, syria, Middle East, middle east, campaign, union of armenian evangelical churches in the near east (uaecne)

The students and teachers at the Damascus school of our Armenian partner church awaited Christmas under a roof in need of repairs, in dilapidated classrooms with inadequate heating. This matters because education is of key significance when it comes to the peaceful coexistence of various groups and religions in the Middle East. Our on-the-scene reporting covers the beneficiary of this year’s fundraising by the Reformed Educational Fund in the Carpathian Basin.

1% support, 99% spirit

2014. február 13., tags: campaign, 1 percent, interview

The personal advertisements of the RCH's 1% campaign would like to show conversion and the inner and outer change that comes with it. We have looked for real life stories with real flesh and blood people behind them, whose life, lifestyle and environment have completely turned around by receiving the gospel and through the service of the Reformed Church. During the ongoing 1% period, until the end of May, we would like to have introduced three stories of change like this. The first chapter of this series is about Zsolt, who lives a pure and hard life after quitting drugs. The motto of the reformed 1% campaign is: '1% support, 99% spirit.'

RCH Film Campaign Awarded Again

2013. május 13., tags: A fiú, hypnosis, christmas, the boy, campaign, a fiú

The Reformed Church in Hungary won the first and third prize at the prestigious advertisement competition, Hypnosis, with two of its most recent marketing campaigns - The boy and We All Sit At One Table.

"You are witnesses of these things." (Lk 24:48)

2013. március 28., tags: campaign, easter

The 2013 Easter message of the Reformed Church in Hungary is a video that examines what Easter means to 8-year-olds from class 2 B at Julianna Reformed Primary School. The students discuss why Jesus' death and resurrection is significant to them.

We All Sit At One Table

2013. március 06., tags: campaign, 1 percent, marketing

A Real Christmas

2012. december 14., tags: christmas, real, boy, campaign

The child is coming. Advent is the time in the church to wait and prepare for the arrival of Immanuel, God with us. For the Reformed Church in Hungary (RCH), it is a time to spread the story of His birth – no small task, to be certain.

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