Voices from the new Synod

2015. március 13., tags: Synod, bishop election, synod, elections, synod of rch

All of the four church districts represent themselves in the Presidium of the Synod of the Reformed Church in Hungary, which elected its leadership at its constituting meeting on 25th February 2015. The new office holders shared their thoughts and plans for their work in the upcoming 6 years term. At its next session, the Synod will elect the new General Secretary of RCH and decide on the priorities of its work.  

Election Results Published

2014. december 10., tags: bishop election, synod, election, Synod

After a long period of anticipation, the RCH elections ended on 28th November. All the four church districts announced the results of the Elections. In three of them the current leadership was re-elected. In Debrecen the outgoing Bishop Gusztáv Bölcskei will be succeeded by Károly Fekete, the current Rector of the Reformed University in Debrecen. The Presiding Bishop for the next six year period will be elected on 25th February 2015, at the first meeting of new General Synod.

Update on Serbian Election

2013. február 25., tags: Serbia, reformed christian church in serbia, bishop election, serbia

The Reformed Christian Church in Serbia has released a statement with updates on the state of its bishop election that has been appealed and debated since early January. You can read an interview with bishop nominee Béla Halász following the announcement.

Still Hope for a Peaceful Resolution in Serbia?

2013. február 07., tags: bishop election, reformed christian church in serbia, Serbia

The Synod Council of the Reformed Christian Church in Serbia (RCCS) has decided on the appeals process regarding the recent bishop election in Serbia. The Council met on 4 February regarding the appeals and voted to repeal the result of the election, said Erzsébet Csányi, Deputy Bishop of the RCCS, who at this meeting assumed the former bishop's position and responsibilities. She evaluated the circumstances, adding, "This is a situation that will not be easy to solve." To accomplish this, the Synod Council initiated the convening of a Synod meeting.

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