Simply Reformed

2018. március 08., tags: 1 percent, communication

With their 1% pledge more than 200 000 people support annually the various ministries of RCH. The motto of this year campaign is “Simply Reformed”.

Something New

2014. május 15., tags: ágnes, interview, 1 percent

Ágnes studied at vocational school, worked in a factory for 17 years and then they sent her away. Without a degree, nobody wanted to employ her. Her dreams did not come true, but she was able to stand up and start a new life. She found her place in a reformed congregation and now works with people as one of the most active members of her congregation. We talked with her as a participant of the 1% campaign of this year.

“I’m not a foster parent, I’m a parent”

2014. május 08., tags: 1 percent, interview

Edit and her husband, László, are foster parents. They raise two young children in addition to their own. We interviewed the faces behind the Reformed Church in Hungary’s one percent campaign.

1% support, 99% spirit

2014. február 13., tags: campaign, 1 percent, interview

The personal advertisements of the RCH's 1% campaign would like to show conversion and the inner and outer change that comes with it. We have looked for real life stories with real flesh and blood people behind them, whose life, lifestyle and environment have completely turned around by receiving the gospel and through the service of the Reformed Church. During the ongoing 1% period, until the end of May, we would like to have introduced three stories of change like this. The first chapter of this series is about Zsolt, who lives a pure and hard life after quitting drugs. The motto of the reformed 1% campaign is: '1% support, 99% spirit.'

We All Sit At One Table

2013. március 06., tags: campaign, 1 percent, marketing

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