Call for Respect of Human Rights against the Genocide in the Middle East

2016. február 05., tags: refugee ministry, conference of european churches (cec), refugee

The Presidium of RCH welcomes and strongly supports the resolution passed in the European Parliament  and related statement of CEC regarding the persecution of religious minorities by so-called ISIS/Da’esh.

People Are Not the Religion

2016. február 01., tags: refugee, rch, refugee ministry, interview

Elif and Sema, two Turkish women studying for their Masters at Károli for the semester, sit down to talk with the RCH about their interest in religion and Muslim-Christian relations. These women come from a Muslim background and studied in Budapest in order to gain firsthand experience with Christian communities here as they study various components of religion, both academically and philisophically. 

WCC/UN conference calls for coordinated action on refugee crisis

2016. január 26., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, world council of churches (wcc), united nations (un)

Dóra Kanizsai-Nagy, head of the RCH Refugee Ministry, recently represented the RCH at the World Council of Churches/United Nations high level conference on the refugee crisis in europe, which took place at the Ecumenical Centre Geneva on 18-19 January. A statement has been issued entitled "Europe’s Response to the Refuge Crisis, From Origin to Transit, Reception and Refuge, A Call for Shared Responsibility and Coordinated Action”.

Mapping Migration: New publication from CCME and the World Council of Churches

2016. január 26., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, world council of churches (wcc), churches' commission for migrants in europe (ccme)

The RCH participated in the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) and the World Council of Churches (WCC) joint study, Mapping Migration: Mapping Churches’ Responses in Europe. The 2016 text explores challenges and changes in the European church landscape in light of international migration through theological interpretation, sociological accounts, and the voices of migrants themselves.

’For You Yourselves Were Foreigners’ - Partner Consultation in Rhineland

2016. január 15., tags: partnership, refugee ministry, bishop, refugee

Prior to the Synod Meeting of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland, Praeses Manfred Rekowski invited the leaders of their partner churches to a consultation "For You Yourselves Were Foreigners..." to talk and exchange of views on the refugee situation. On behalf of the Reformed Church in Hungary, Bishop István Szabó was present and asked the participants to continue this common work in Budapest, where the next meeting will be held later this year. The following press release has been issued after the Consultation.

An International Christmas

2016. január 04., tags: refugee, Church of Scotland (CoS), Scottish Mission, refugee ministry, scottish mission

Each year the RCH Refugee Ministry coordinates a Christmas party for their clients and community members. This year, the event was attended by a diverse group of around 80 people, all gathered together to focus on the joy and love of the Christmas season. Religious and cultural differences added to the rich connections made between those in attendance, and set the tone for a joyous year ahead. 

Church and Asylum: Providing space for the marginalized

2015. december 21., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, asylum

"Any church should have a place for the vulnerable. It might be women. It might be children. In our case, it means making space for refugees. For other churches, it might mean something different; but there always has to be a space for the marginalized." - in giving voice to this conviction at a recent conference, Rev. Bernhard Fricke reminded attendees that one of the most important roles of a church and its congregations is to provide safe space for those who are on the fringes of society, and who need to find sanctuary—safe space.

Coming to Hungary for Jesus

2015. december 16., tags: refugee ministry, refugee

A family which converted from Islam to Reformed had to flee their home nation of Iran more than 10 years ago. Besides political reasons, they wanted to leave to convert to Christianity and because of this they were condemned to death in their country. In Hungary, they found a new country and religion in one of the county centers as recognized refugees. We have visited the family to show how they live among us and how they celebrate Jesus’ birth as refugees converted to Christianity. For security reasons for the family, the names of the family members have been changed and we do not share photos of them. 

Helping Despite Uncertainty

2015. december 10., tags: refugee ministry, refugee

Dauda Condé arrived in Hungary in 2009, at the age of sixteen, after fleeing violence in his home country of Guinea. He has been living here ever since – even after those he made the journey with left for new homes. Recently he has learned that he will not be able to gain refugee status here, but still he stays in hopes of gaining residency in this place that now feels like his home. If he cannot get permanent residency, he hopes to stay as long as possible to he can receive an education to take back with him in order to help his home country.

Statement of the General Convent on the European Migration Crisis

2015. november 13., tags: Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), hungarian reformed church (hrc), statement, refugee

The Presidium of the General Convent of the Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC) held its meeting on the 10th-11th November in Balatonfüred. The following statement on the European migration crisis has been issued.

“European solidarity must be strengthened”

2015. november 02., tags: world council of churches (wcc), refugee ministry, refugee

Today 35 bishops and church leaders from 20 countries gathered in Munich, Germany to discuss the refugee situation and the role of the churches in Europe.

Moving Past the Hostility

2015. október 28., tags: refurgee ministry, refugee, interview

We talked to Dóra Kanizsai-Nagy and Balázs Acsai as they shared their thoughts on the events of the last few months: the general public’s fears regarding migration, the importance of integration, and the work of the Refugee Ministry of the Reformed Church in Hungary. “Not everyone can be automatically accepted, but, instead of speeches of hate, calm words and a clear framework are needed.”

Refugee crisis to be discussed in Munich

2015. október 28., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, world council of churches (wcc)

The international refugee crisis will be the focus of a consultation of 35 bishops and church leaders from 20 countries, to be held on 29 October in Munich, Germany.

The churches walk with refugees in Hungary

2015. szeptember 30., tags: refugee, refugee ministry, world council of churches (wcc)

“I cannot forget the poignant memories of the march when thousands of refugees set out from Budapest, Hungary, towards Austria, and finally reached the other side of the border aboard buses provided by the Hungarian government,” said Bishop Tamas Fabiny of the Lutheran Church in Hungary, vice-president of the Lutheran World Federation. Bishop Fabiny spoke with members of a delegation from the World Council of Churches (WCC) during their visit to Budapest.

Human Connections

2015. szeptember 30., tags: presbyterian church in canada (pcc), refugee ministry, refugee

In the recent weeks the delegation of the Presbyterian Church in Canada has visited partner churches in Romania, Ukraine and Hungary. In the framework of its program in Hungary, the delegation headed by Moderator Rev Karen Horst, also visitied the St Columba's Church of Scotland in Budapest.

Tveit: We need an international solution to the refugee crisis

2015. szeptember 30., tags: world council of churches (wcc), refugee ministry, refugee

Representatives of major international ecumenical organizations visited Hungary 25-29 September to strengthen efforts in support of refugees in Europe and the Middle East.

Representatives of ecumenical agencies will visit Hungary amidst refugee crisis

2015. szeptember 25., tags: refugee ministry, world council of churches (wcc), refugee

Amidst the current refugee crisis, representatives of major international ecumenical organizations will embark on a solidarity visit to Hungary from 25 to 28 September.

Salaam Overnight Shelter (SOS) for Refugee Families with Children

2015. szeptember 21., tags: refugee mniistry, Church of Scotland (CoS), refugee

"As the weather turns colder and colder, the refugees en route face another difficulty: most of them have insufficient clothing, and sleeping outside further endangers their health. Children and women are especially vulnerable, which is why St. Columba’s Church started the SOS project, aiming to provide a warm and welcoming environment where refugee families can rest for a night."

"I Pray That They Find Peace"

2015. szeptember 11., tags: scottish mission, refugee ministry, Scottish Mission, Church of Scotland (CoS), refugee

The Rev Aaron Stevens, minister of St Columba's Church of Scotland in Budapest, Hungary, gives a powerful account of this summer's refugee crisis in the city and his church's efforts to help. 

Refugee crisis: Churches in Romania call for compassion

2015. szeptember 10., tags: transylvanian reformed church district, romania, hungarian reformed church (hrc), Romania, refugee

The Romanian news portal asked the church leaders in Romania regarding the refugee crisis. Besides the Orthodox and Catholic Church, Béla Kató, Bishop of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District was aslo interviewed.

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