Starpoint 2015- Interview with The Organizers

2015. július 02., csütörtök

The Starpoint reformed youth festival has been organized for more than a decade now, once in every two years, and it attracts about 3500 young people. Ádám Galambos from the Lutheran Church’s website made an interview with Margit Kiss, coordinator of the Festival and Szabolcs Szontágh, reformed pastor, leader of the Youth Office of RCH. 

Starpoint is a reformed festival, but – just like the ,,Windrose” Festival of the Lutheran Church - it is attended also by youngsters from other denominations. How important do you think the representation of ecumenical fellowship is at the festival?

Margit Kiss: We think it is very important, that Starpoint serves as a meeting point welcoming also members of other denominations. In the last years there were many guests at Starpoint from other churches and we lived out the ecumenical fellowship together.

Will there be programs that you organize with the involvement of members from other denominations?

Margit Kiss: Yes, we have quite a number of programs, where our unity and fellowship with other denominations will be reflected. Next to our reformed values we deem it important to highlight and present those programs, initiatives and themes of other denominations which prominently reach out for young Christians, creating values and thus shaping their lives and faith. There are a lot of ecumenical bands involved in Starpoint’s music program like Keresztkérdés, M.Is.K.A., or the Inheritorz, a Baptist youth band from Budapest. Bill Drake and his mission group from US will also contribute to the Festival. Beyond our music programs we have invited lecturers and performers to our thematic “Meeting Points”, in the sign of ecumenical exchange. Just to give some examples: Ferenc Pál, a very popular Roman catholic priest and mental health professional will give lectures at two venues, at the Relationship and Stimulus Point, respectively the Pure Fashion will be present with its program for teen-age girls.

The motto this year is “trust”. How do approach this question? Confidence toward other people or to the church?

Margit Kiss: At the three main morning lectures of the meeting we will speak about the confidence as part of our everyday life, about our disappointments and the broken confidence. On the last day we will invite participants to think together about the (“yet”) trust against trust and distrust, thus about the stage where we are confident against the circumstances and place our trust in God.

What is the spiritual plus, the added value that the church can give us regarding Trust and how will this be presented at the festival?

Szabolcs Szontágh: ,,Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” (Mt. 14,27 ) – Jesus says in a station, where his disciples had all the reason to be frightened in the storm. We would like to point out that what is essential in life is not what surrounds us, but the chance to behold and recognize Jesus beyond them. Cause he represents the solution and answer to the questions of our life and it is Him who offers us an eternal life.

The Festival will be attended by young people from the age between 14 and 35 years. What kind of programs do you offer them?

Margit Kiss: We organize small groups for all the different age-groups where they can reflect on the keynote speeches or main lectures. Beside this we will have so called thematic “Meeting Points”, where those attending the Festival can choose presentations, lectures, workshops and performances depending on their age. We offer for all the participants a variety of colorful spiritual and value based programs in six program venues, so called “Meeting Points” including High-School, Teenager, Relationship, Stimulus, Eco and Classical Points.

Written by Ádám Galambos

Originally published on the Website of the Lutheran Church in Hungary:

Translated by Daniella Szűcs

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