Refugee crisis: Churches in Romania call for compassion

2015. szeptember 10., csütörtök

The Romanian news portal asked the church leaders in Romania regarding the refugee crisis. Besides the Orthodox and Catholic Church, Béla Kató, Bishop of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District was aslo interviewed.

Béla Kató Bishop of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District has called on church members to show compassion for refugees. In a statement to the Romanian news portal Ş, the church leader called the treatment of the refugees arriving in Europe shameful. 

The Romanian news portal approached multiple church leaders in Romania regarding the Refugee question. “If Europe wants to welcome refugees, trains and cars should be waiting for them at the border, bringing them here from where they arrive on the continent.  Why do they have to walk across Europe? What is happening right now is shameful.”-  said Béla Kató to the news portal.

According to the Reformed bishop, those responsible for the the current crisis in Arab countries are the ones who generated this situation or let it happen. He pointed out that the situation in Syria and other countries, impossible as it is to handle, is why thousands of desperate people have to flee. Answering a question posed by the news portal, the bishop said that for the time being there was no danger of Islamisation in Europe, adding that, “If 200 million Muslims wanted to come, the question might become relevant.” 

Béla Kató called on the Reformed church members to sympathise with the refugees, and said that the Reformed Church was ready to help society find a solution to the problem.  

“If you let them enter, you have responsibilities. What happened in Austria is inhumane, un-Christian and must not be allowed to happen again.” -said the Bishop, referring to the horrible incident where 71 refugees were found dead in a van.


Translated by Melinda Kara

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