Solidarity amidst Christmas Crowds

2019. december 16., hétfő

For a couple of days, refugee women will be in the centre of attention at a Christmas market in the city centre of Budapest, at the booth of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid. Zero-waste bags, handmade jewellery and home-made sweets are awaiting the visitors of the Christmas fair.

During the season of Advent, refugee women come together daily with Rev. Jeanie Lee to use their talents, spend quality time in a friendly community and create beautiful items at the community centre of Kalunba – implementing partner of the Refugee Integration Unit of the RCH Diaconal Office. The unique, hand-made products will be on sale on the 18th, 19th and 20th of December at Jókai square.


Rev. Jeanie Lee is a senior minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and Fashion Designer at the same time. Her ministry with Kalunba includes building relationships with the refugee clientele and providing leadership in the tailoring program.  This includes developing new products for sale, coaching professionals and non-skilled refugees and volunteers in the tailoring project and communicating with international partners. She is also participating in community activities and support the children and mothers who participate in the various programs.


Kalunba's mission is to help the social integration of refugees. Mutual trust and a feeling of community are essential when it comes to starting a new life in a new country. Refugee women are often at risk of isolation. It is us, who can give them a chance to share their joy and sorrow.

Kalunba Social Services Non-Profit Ltd. serves as the implementing partner of the RCH Diaconal Office, taking a comprehensive approach to integration work among refugees. The goal is to empower clients, helping them to become independent.

Christmas with Refugees

This past Monday partners, friends, families and beneficiaries of Kalunba came together and celebrated the holiday season with lots of laughter, good food and great company. The celebration was hosted at the St Columba’ Church of Scotland, a special location as it was once the home of Kalunba and still today it is the closest ally of RCH’s refugee ministry. There were many activities and gifts for the kids to enjoy. The adults were able to mingle and catch up on lovely conversations and were also able to share many laughs. Rev. Aaron Stevens, senior minister of the Scottish Mission greeted the 80 participants and an international choir sang European and African carols.

Written by Ágnes Székely

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