2015. július 28., kedd

Sometimes I find myself imagining background music to moments in my life. Just as if I were part of a movie: showing my travel pass in the underground, a determined act of potato peeling or a simple tooth washing, they all receive stronger emphasis when they are accompanied by music in my head.

It doesn’t even need to sound in reality — it already fills me with emotions, tunes me up. Probably this experience of mine feeds my sentimental desire of how good it would be if these imagined tunes and film quotes would be heard in reality in certain situations. Loudly and piercingly, inviting and involving everybody around. Such a communal involvement did happen on the opening day of Starpoint — as if embodying my secret imagination — when among fresh arrivals loaded with heavy baggages, those looking for a perfect place to erect their tents in the plastic jungle, and the participants exhausted in the heat of the day, music was heard directly: Classics, Moldovan and Hungarian folk songs, well-known film soundtracks. All personally performed for those, who have not yet visited a single concert stage, because they have just arrived. One’s heart is suddenly filled with some kind of a “how good it is to be here, they have been waiting for me” feeling, so even joining the queue in the heat gets easier.

Zalán László Kovács, tuba player, head of the Classic Point offered this gesture towards participants to make Starpoint ‘take the first step’. I nearly felt dizzy understanding what analogy it shows to all those I can experience in the fatherly love of the Lord: the first step is not mine, it is just a mere reaction, an answer to God’s initiative of Himself taking the first step to me. His step includes the essence of His message to me, just like an Ouverture includes the most beautiful tunes of an Opera.

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