Hungarian Reformed Church Aid On the Scene at Keleti Railway Station

2015. szeptember 04., péntek

Inhumane conditions prevail at Keleti Railway Station in Budapest. "In the current situation it is our common responsibility to alleviate people’s neediness regardless of gender, religion or nationality,"reads the Call of the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA).

As of 2nd September, taking the extraordinary situation at Keleti Railway Station into consideration, the HRCA has distributed thousands of servings of drinking water and toiletry kits (diapers, towels, etc), as well as  easily consumable foods among children on the spot . 

If this situation remains to be of humanitarian concern in the upcoming days, the HRCA will continue to assist with provisions for the thousands of people in need as they wait at the railway station. 

Meanwhile the HRCA is also present  in the Debrecen Reception Centre of the Offfice of Immigration and Nationality (BAH) in Debrecen, where around 1600-1800 refugees from 60-65 different countries are living temporarily.  Approximately 10 % of the residents are children. 

Among the asylum-seekers and people with subsidiary protection arriving in Debrecen there is a growing need for standard health checks and basic medical supplies. Under the coordination of the Hungarian Caritative Council, the HRCA undertook as of 1st August to provide general medical and gynacological care (examinations once a week) as well as basic medication for the residents of the camp.   

They are also organizing creative kids programs to bring a little joy to the lives of tired and desperate children as they wait in uncertainty. 

The Charity Council is supported and coordinated by the Ministry of Human Ressources. The Council encompasses Hungary’s largest caritative services. Its members – Caritas Hungarica, Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, Baptist Aid, Hungarian Red Cross and the Hungarian Interchurch Aid – are uniting their efforts at this time in order to provide humanitarian aid for the migrants arriving in Hungary. 


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