Can we live without Trust in God?

2015. július 29., szerda

Who would not be happy getting a great car or a house we don’t work and pay for? That would be amazing! But when it happens, after it happens we would be responsible for it. We actually have something we get as a gift. A gift from God. That is our world, our environment and the people among us. Can we make their trust stronger?

The programs today started with the morning keynote speech and small group discussion. The speech was presented by Zoltán Sóskuti, who is a pastor in a RCH congregation in Rákoskeresztúr. The international delegates had English interpretation just like yesterday.

God places the world in our charge. Adam had to take care of Eva and Eva had to take care of Adam. The world works like this. Parents have to take care of their children, brothers of brothers, friends of friends, lovers of lovers and vice versa. The world had a 1.0 version at Eden with no borders around us, no wall was built separating us from God and each other, but Satan had other plans. There were two fruit-trees in Eden, the tree of life, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. The Satan’s plan worked perfectly. The man did not accept God’s opinion about good and evil anymore and wanted to know it without God’s help. Now we live in the world version 2.0. We cannot trust in God anymore just like each other. All we have left is only the wish for that state.

Many people can only trust in themselves the 2.1 version: their strength, their money, their power. God always tried to give us a better version, but we didn’t accept it. Friendship, marriage and other relationships won’t work without trust. We can’t wake up and go to sleep without trust in someone who leads the world and our life. Can we live without trust? We can trust in our parents, friends, strength, talents, upbringing, but all these things are just temporal. God offers us the 2.2 version, so we can have strength in Christ. We can trust in Christ. But do I trust really in Him? He is searching us despite our idolatry, we can see it from the history of the church. We have to use this Festival to strengthen each other’s trust in God. Because as we sung at the end of the morning keynote speech: ‘it is good to trust and hope in God, God is great'

After the keynote speech, the participants worked in small groups discussing the subject of the day. They talked about the occurring questions such as why can’t our society trust in anything? What can we trust in? How can we make others’ faith and trust stronger?

After having lunch, the international delegates attended in a program called ‘The Church behind Starpoint’. Today’s presenter was Aaron C. Stevens, who is a Minister at the St. Columba Church of Scotland Congregation, commonly referred to as the Scottish Mission in Budapest. He has lived in Hungary for nearly 20 years. He talked about the history of the Reformed Church in Hungary and answered the unexpressed questions about the status of today. In the afternoon the attendants could take part in various programs at Stimulus Point, Relationship Point, Eco Point, High School Point and Classical Point.

After dinner they went to the evening devotion presented by Szabolcs Szikszai, a pastor from Kecskemét. If we are important to somebody, they will look for us. If somebody wants to see us, they will find some time for us. If somebody needs us, they will find us. Everything else is just an exception. This is the recipe of distrust. We can hide behind this statement. But what about us?  This recipe of distrust will effect loneliness. God is looking for us and asks: where are you? Let’s turn the table. If I trust in somebody, I will look for and find some time to spend with them. Everything else is just an exception. We must not just stay in one place and wait for God to do something. We have to search Him as well. Because God is not an automatic machine. We have to trust in HIM. After the evening devotion we find out how wonderful is that we have attendants from all around the world.

Later tonight they can visit concerts at the Micro stage, the Small stage and the Main stage.

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