2013 Starpoint Discusses the Issue of Identity

2013. január 18., péntek

The upcoming Starpoint Reformed youth festival will be held in Mezőtúr, Hungary on 23-27 July with a focus on Identity – Who am I? Young adults from all over the world are encouraged to come together, participate and create a community of dialogue, all while enjoying some great music!

In a constantly changing secular society, it is easy to feel lost in the shuffle or overlooked. Where do Christian youth belong? Csillagpont (Starpoint) youth festival is designed to show a new generation of Christians that they do, in fact, belong, because they are fist and foremost children of God. It also brings young adults together to demonstrate that they may have more peers with similar beliefs and values than they might imagine. The event is held every other year and invites participants from Hungary and around the world to join together in fellowship. The resulting diversity serves as a catalyst to create a dialogue that goes beyond nationalities.

The 2013 Starpoint youth festival is almost here! The event is held in a new city within the Carpathian Basin every time. This upcoming festival will take place on 23-27 July in Mezőtúr, Hungary. Starpoint is a unique and exciting experience because it is designed for youth by youth. Nearly 500 volunteers and 3,500 participants give their time and energy in order to make this event a success.

Each festival has an overarching theme to encourage meaningful discussion between young adults facing challenges in today's changing society. This year the theme is Identity. Who are you? How do others see you? How do you see yourself? How does God see you? These questions are not simply limited to the youth in Hungary. Instead, they are global issues that are especially relevant in a time that is so influenced by the Internet. Today's Christians, especially young Christians, are exposed to so many pressures, expectations and ideas from this virtual world. How can they define themselves and their faith in an atmosphere that is constantly growing and changing? Throughout Starpoint, youth are encouraged to share their experiences, troubles and support with other young Christians. Community and fellowship work together to make the program a meaningful experience for participants and volunteers alike.

Starpoint offers several activities specifically directed toward young adults, including music concerts, seminars, small-group discussions and informal time for fellowship with new friends. During the upcoming Mezőtúr festival, József Csomós Jr. will begin each day with Starpoint morning sessions and Levente Horváth will wrap up the schedule with evening devotionals.

In order to increase an international presence at the event, the RCH delegates from its partner church to participate and join in the fellowship of Starpoint. In 2011, there were 25 international guests that particpated. They came from Germany, France, United States, Canada, Lithunaia, United Kingdom, Taiwan and South Korea. We pray that this year we welcome an even greater international presence!


If you are interested in the festival, you can find more information, including videos and interviews from previous events, on the Starpoint website

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