RCH Took Part in the Global Forum on Future Christianity

2015. május 13., szerda

Rector Dr. Bölcskei was accompanied to South Korea, by Chae Hwa Jeong the Pastor of Korean Congregation of the RCH under the invitation of Rev. Dr. Sam-Whan Kim, Pastor of Myungsung Congregation of Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK). Rev. Dr. Kim is the past PCK Moderator, and current chair of the GFFWC.

The GFFWC that was first organised in July 2012 by Korean pastors, theologians and activists whose deepest interest was in building a new future for ecumenism in the 21st century. This was under the conviction that the current multiple crisis in our world today are not only due to crisis in our social, political, and economic structures, but deep spiritual crisis that needs a holistic approach in analysis, and eschatological approach in presenting solutions and alternatives. This global forum is a platform on which Christian leaders from around the world could contribute towards setting a global agenda for Christian churches as communities of faith. This is achieved through fellowship and mutual exchange; common discernment on a Christian response; discussions and engaging in areas of cooperation.

The 2015 Jeju Forum, brought together 150 global leaders from different contexts and traditions, to discuss the theme “Christian Witness in Changing Global Landscapes – You are the light of the world.” (Matthew 5:14).  Some of the countries represented included South Korea, Hungary, USA and Tonga. While some of the denominations included: Presbyterian, Reformed, Methodist and Pentecostal.  

The participants did not only take part in plenary lectures and discussions, but they too were encouraged to contribute to the content as well as practical dimensions of the forum. Rector Dr. Bölcskei gave a presentation titled “Reflecting on the Experiences of the Hungarian Church in the Midst of Transition from a Socialist to Capitalist System”.

The Plenary lectures and discussions were given and moderated by different global leaders such as Dr. Craig Barnes, President of Princeton Theological Seminary, Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia, former General Secretary of World Council of Churches and Dr. Rogate Mshana, the World Council of Churches Programme Executive for Poverty, Wealth and Ecology.

After the Jehu Forum, Rector Dr. Bölcskei met up with various representatives from South Korean partner churches; the Presbyterian Church Korea (PCK) and Presbyterian Church of the Republic of Korea (PROK). He also preached at the Lord Church congregation. In addition to these events, the rector gave two lectures on Hungarian Reformed Theology at two Presbyterian Theology Academies.



Njeri Wagana Hughes

Photos: Jeong Chae Hwa



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