Calvin Synod Conference of the United Church of Christ joins the Hungarian Reformed Church

2019. június 04., tags: hungarian reformed church, unity, calvin synod

On the tenth anniversary of the unity of the HRC, the Calvin Synod Conference of the UCC officially joined the HRC. In honor of this event, the Bishop of the Calvin Synod Conference, Rt. Rev. Dr. Csaba Krasznai, shared a letter of thanksgiving.

Bridges Beyond Boundaries

2019. május 21., tags: unity, hungarian reformed church (hrc), Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc)

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the unity of the Hungarian-speaking Reformed Churches in and around Hungary. On May 17, the session of the Common Synod took place, followed by festivities on the next day. Ecumenical representatives from the WCRC and the WCC attended in honor of this celebratory event.

Celebrating 10 years of Unity

2019. május 18., tags: unity, hungarian reformed church (hrc), Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc), hungarian reformed church

On 17 May, the Common Synod of the Hungarian Reformed Church gathered to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Hungarian Reformed Unity declared on 22 May 2009.

The Fruits of Unity

2019. május 17., tags: anniversary, unity

“Living the unity of the Church does not mean concentrating on the past, but, rather, the present which is the season of planting,” says László Gonda, ecumenical secretary of the Transcibiscan Reformed Church District, who is also responsible for the preparations of the Hungarian Reformed Unity Day Celebration. In addition to a common worship service, music programs, prayer chain, podium discussions and choir meetings are also waiting for those interested in the program of the celebration in Debrecen on 18th May.

Eight Years of Unity

2016. július 04., tags: unity day, unity, hungarian reformed church (hrc), Hungarian Reformed Church (hrc)

The end of May marked the eighth year of the uniting of the Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC) at the Constituting Synod that took place on 22 May 2009 in Debrecen. Since then, annual celebrations revolving around Unity Day have taken many different forms as the HRC seeks to engage communities around the Carpathian Basin.

From Dissension to Unity

2014. november 20., tags: synod2014, bishop, synod, unity, Synod

From the era of the church districts competing with each other, through the continuous expansion of reformed institutions and the strengthening of the unity in the Carpathian Basin, in the last 18 years we arrived at the community of churches looking for its future – the outgoing Presiding Bishop, Gusztáv Bölcskei evaluated the events of his three terms in a row on the 15th, closing session of the 13th Synod.

Over the Border: Interest in Unity

2014. február 06., tags: interview, unity, transylvanian reformed church district, királyhágómellék reformed church district, béla kató, istván csűry, transylvania

Although many people blame communism, and for good reason, we experience godlessness today as well, and our problems stem from this – István Csűry, bishop of the Királyhágómellék Reformed Church District. Among many other things, we spoke with Csűry and Béla Kató, bishop of the Transylvanian Reformed Church District, about why Hungarians need Mohács and how ecumenism comes to fruition in Transylvania.  

2014: Year of celebrations and changes

2014. január 29., tags: reformation jubilee, hungarian reformed church (hrc), unity, 2014, celebration, events

At the beginning of a new year, the Reformed Church in Hungary looks forward to the organization and implementation of some very important events in 2014, most notably the Hungarian Reformed World Summit, release of the new Hungarian Bible translation, Synod/church elections, unity jubilee of the Hungarian Reformed Church and preparations for the 500th reformation jubilee.

Reflections on the Ecumenical Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

2014. január 21., tags: unity, ecumenical, week of prayer, ecumenical relations

In today’s landscape of separate Christian denominations, traditions and beliefs, the Ecumenical Week of Prayer for Christian Unity stands as an expression of oneness between brothers and sisters in Christ.

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