Opening Doors and Strengthening Reformed Ties

2013. november 28., tags: jerry pillay, interview, debrecen reformed theological university, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), doctorate

Rev. Dr. Jerry Pillay is the president of the World Communion of Reformed Churches, of which the RCH is a member church, and also the General Secretary of the Presbyterian Church in South Africa. He recently made a trip to Hungary where he received an honorary doctorate from the Debrecen Reformed Theological University. In his interview below, he discusses the importance of unity within the reformed family as well as the special meaning associated with receiving this honorary doctorate.

Discussing the Hungarian Perspective on World Mission

2013. november 08., tags: interview, world council of churches (wcc), general assembly, mission, laszlo gonda, statement, wcc

Rev. Dr. László Gonda has been a member of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism since 2006 and together with his fellow commissioners, helped develop the new mission statement of the World Council of Churches (WCC) entitled, Together Towards Life: Mission and Evangelism in Changing Landscapes.

"I have no grief"

2013. október 25., tags: history, szabó dániel, interview, 1956, revolution

A lot of people know him in the church. It's no wonder, because he is always on his way, and although he has many tasks, there is not an important church event where he is not present. In remembrance of the 1956 revolution we spoke with Dániel Szabó, who was recently awarded the anniversary medallion of the Debrecen Reformed College on its 475th anniversary. We asked the former lay president of the Cistibiscan church district, who turned 80 this year, about his memories from the '50s.

Interview with the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea

2013. május 10., tags: ecumenical, interview, partner church, prok

Recently a delegation from the Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea visited the RCH. The following interview is with Rev. Dr. Min Heui Cheon, the Executive Secretary of the Ecumenical Relations Department for the PROK.

Redefining Mission

2013. február 28., tags: South Africa, poverty, Dutch Reformed Church, Attie van Niekerk, interview, mission

The Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa and the Reformed Church in Hungary signed a partnership agreement in 2011 to symbolize the churches' commitment to share and learn with one another as sister churches. Dr. Attie van Niekerk, founding member and managing director of the NOVA Institute as well as a theological professor at the University of Pretoria, recently represented the DRC in Budapest with a series of lectures on poverty and the redefinition of mission and held meetings with the RCH's Roma Ministry, Diaconia, Eco-Congregation as well as László Gonda, missiology professor.

Ministry among the Roma - Interview with Attila Landauer, Gypsy Studies Specialist

2012. december 10., tags: interview, roma ministry

Attila Landauer is a minority researcher. He started his academic studies in Gypsy culture in the mid 90s, and since August 2010 has been working as the coordinator of Roma minisry of the Reformed Church in Hungary. In the following interview, Mr. Landauer discusses history of Gypsy culture, their connection to Reformed church and the role of István Wáli Reformed Roma Collegium.

“A New Reformation Would Make a Difference”

2012. november 19., tags: interview, andrás harmathy, church revision

"The things that could renew the Church are not new at all. The Bible has not changed, our theological convictions have also remained the same. The only question is, how the gospel will be able to make us enthusiastic", said András Harmathy, president of the Church Revision Committee, as he shared some of his thoughts about the mission of the committee in the context of the approaching General Synod session.

Interview with the convener of the Church Revision Committee

2012. október 24., tags: church revision, interview, andrás harmathy

We are in a process of revision. For the coordination of the process the Church Revision Committee was installed by the Synod in 2012, commissioned both to develop an ecclesiological basis for the future church life and for the expected reconfiguration - even restructuring - of the church, and to lead us through the implementation. The first committee report will be discussed at the November session of the Synod. At its first meeting in April 2012, the committee elected Rev. Dr. András Harmathy as its convener. András is local pastor in a city close to Budapest and holds a doctor in ministry in missiology. Ha was interviewed in Debrecen by the Church Magazine "In Community".

Roma are by far not a Homogeneous Group

2012. június 19., tags: roma ministry, interview

This article contains some of the most thought provoking excerpts from a two-part interview with Pál Nagy, historian and scientific consultant at Szent István University in Gödöllő, Hungary.

A response from abroad – an interview with a Dutch “Life Belt” supporter

2012. június 01., tags: life belt, interview, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca)

The Life Belt Programme, a joint effort of the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, has given hope to families whose life changed dramatically due to the rise of the monthly installment of foreign currency based bank loans. As the Church Aid was busy working out a scheme to help families in need, they weren't expecting any reaction from abroad. Some help, however, did come, and this incident proves that the worldwide Reformed church links its members together in truly unique and personal ways. Interview with Johanna Meyerin.  

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