Finding A Place in the Church

2016. május 04., tags: youth, youth forum, youth ministry

Leading up to the five hundredth anniversary of the Reformation, the fifth RCH Youth Assembly took place from April 22-23 in Budapest. Fifty five delegates from the RCH’s secondary and higher education institutions, university congregations, and youth organizations looked for an answer to Luther’s question, which was formulated five hundred years ago, “How can I find the merciful God?"

2015 Youth Assembly of RCH

2015. május 08., tags: youth forum, youth ministry, youth

The Youth Assembly of the Reformed Church in Hungary took place on 17th and 18th April in the Synod Building of the RCH.  The theme of the 2015 Youth Assembly was Trust. Young people from across Hungary came to not only represent their Church District, but to meet and share with fellow reformed youth.  

Summary of the RCH Synod Youth Forum

2013. május 14., tags: youth ministry, youth forum, youth

According to statistics, there is a diminishing amount of young people involved in the church. The Synod Youth Forum has expressed its intentions to contest this fact. The Forum was held 19-20 April with more than 40 young participants.

An Up-To-Date Way To Target Young People

2012. szeptember 04., tags: youth forum, youth

The Synod Youth Forum, a new assembly event for young people, took place on 13-14 April in Budapest and was attended by about 70 delegates from all over Hungary. The Forum, which consisted of discussions tackling issues of faith and church-membership was organised by Szabolcs Szontágh Reformed minister and the Synod Office of RCH. First, let us listen in on a lecture that was given at the beginning of the event; here the lecturer is talking about the topic questions published on the Forum's website. These questions were to form the core of the group discussions. The presentation will be followed by an interview with the lecturer himself.

Youth Forum - A successful dialogue between youth and the church

2012. június 19., tags: youth forum, youth ministry, youth

With the intention to give young people an opportunity to let their voices be heard in the church, the Synod Office organised a youth assembly, targeting age groups between 16 and 23. The Youth Forum was designed following an already well-functioning pattern, the Scottish Youth Assembly, adopting the idea of promoting youth participation in the decision-making processes of the church Synod. This conference was the first ever of this kind in Hungary, and the Synod Office intends to convene it regularly.

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