Real Questions – Real Answers

2018. március 07., tags: youth mission, university chaplaincy

The youngsters are disinterested, not curious about the church – sounds the familiar statement, which is refuted every time by the conversation series for students organized by the University Chaplaincy of the Károli Gáspár Reformed University and the University Chaplaincy Mission in Pest. We asked Tamás András Márkus, the university chaplain, about this program called, Tiszta vizet a pohárba!

Living Bricks

2017. április 05., tags: university chaplaincy, youth ministry

The Reformed University Chaplaincy of Szeged celebrates its tenth birthday and is organizing a meeting in the Carpathian Basin. The program started as a small Bible study but has now grown into a flourishing congregation. At the Starpoint Youth Festival two years ago the congregation held interactive events at a program venue related to the theme of growing up, and they will be an active presence at this year’s Starpoint in July. 

Church Planting Partnership

2016. április 29., tags: partner, Debrecen, debrecen, university chaplaincy, reformed church in america(rca)

From April 9-19, 2016, a delegation from the Debrecen Reformed University Congregation visited the Reformed Church in America’s (RCA) Great Lakes Region, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in order to present a report on the growth and success of the University Congregation in Hungary. The congregation has been receiving support from the RCA’s congregations for years and wanted to show their appreciation for their brothers and sisters in Christ in America as well as share their valuable experiences in church planting. 

Thinking Outside the Box

2015. január 13., tags: debrecen, Debrecen, partner, university chaplaincy, reformed church in america (rca)

Hungarian-American Church Planting Project Launched in the Debrecen Reformed University Congregation

(Don’t) let it go!

2014. augusztus 19., tags: university chaplaincy, interview, szabolcs szontágh, youth ministry, youth

At the Konfi+ conference on 24-27 August, youth workers of the Carpathian Basin will discuss the possibilities of calling young adults. Why is it so hard for the Church to address these ages nowadays? We asked Szabolcs Szontágh, the head of the youth office of Reformed Church in Hungary.

Community, faith and love

2014. július 31., tags: contrast, university chaplaincy

University pastors from across the Carpathian Basin declare that gathering reformed young people can be the only goal of a university congregation; they are on a mission too. These congregations, in connection with higher education institutions, offer a spiritual community for those who know nothing about the Church or for those who are disappointed in it.

Memories from London

2014. május 15., tags: university chaplaincy, partnership, youth

A group from the university chaplaincy in Szeged took a trip to London at the beginning of April in order to start a conversation with the All Souls university congregation about establishing a long term partnership between the two churches. The purpose of the trip was to study the congregational models in London, learn good practices and make new connections. The following is a report of their experience in London from a member of the Szeged group.

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