Pastoral Letter in the Light of the Pandemic

2020. március 26., tags: coronavirus, presiding bishop

Bishop Dr. István Szabó addressed a pastoral letter of acknowledgment and encouragement to the ministers serving in RCH’s congregations. In the letter below, he expresses his gratitude for the persistence, creativity and care of local ministers.

We serve the Church in its entirety

2016. január 13., tags: presiding bishop, interview

We serve well if our work has a positive impact on the congregations – claims István Bogárdi Szabó. We asked the pastoral president of the Synod about major public church duties in 2016, the relaunch of the Church Revision Committee, the relationship between our Church and the state as well as the persecution of Christians.

Promise Fulfilled

2015. december 16., tags: christmas, interview, presiding bishop

God became man in order to share man's nature and destiny, and so that through the death and resurrection of the saviour He could start with us afresh. The question is: what have we made out of this?" says Bishop István Szabó.  We spoke with the ministerial president of the Synod about the meaning of Christmas, the image of the Messiah in the time of Jesus, as well as how God makes and fulfils promises.

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