The Importance of Encouragement

2015. december 14., tags: partnership, Synod, synod, interview, presbyterian church in ireland (pci)

The connection that Very Rev. Dr. Ivan Patterson and Mrs. Maureen Patterson, of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, have with Hungary has been 20 years in the making, culminating with their current trip to Budapest to encourage and learn from students and ministers here. The RCH sat down with the two of them after the November 2015 Synod meeting to discuss the end of their time here, how it will continue to impact them in the future, and the Very Rev. Dr. Patterson’s thoughts on the role that the church will play in the coming year. 

Presbyterian Church in Ireland Visits RCH to Strengthen Ties Between the Churches

2015. október 21., tags: presbyterian church in ireland (pci), partnership, károli gáspár univerity (kre)

In order to strengthen ties between the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and the Reformed Church in Hungary, a conference was held at the Károli Gáspár Reformed University, Theological Seminary in Budapest, Hungary on the 20th of October. Speakers from the two nations gathered, along with faculty from the school, fascinated seminary students, and other interested parties to discuss a wide range of topics relating to the modern church and its sense of mission in the world. 

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