A response from abroad – an interview with a Dutch “Life Belt” supporter

2012. június 01., tags: life belt, interview, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca)

The Life Belt Programme, a joint effort of the Reformed Church in Hungary and the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid, has given hope to families whose life changed dramatically due to the rise of the monthly installment of foreign currency based bank loans. As the Church Aid was busy working out a scheme to help families in need, they weren't expecting any reaction from abroad. Some help, however, did come, and this incident proves that the worldwide Reformed church links its members together in truly unique and personal ways. Interview with Johanna Meyerin.  

Life Belt Programme – Financial Support for Families in Need

2012. június 01., tags: life belt, hungarian reformed church aid (hrca)

The Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC) and the Hungarian Reformed Church Aid (HRCA) have launched a new financial support programme as a means to offer help to deserving families who have lost their homes due to the crash of their foreign exchange loans. The initial plan is to provide these families with a six-month support scheme. Along with a temporary solution for their accomodation, they will receive help in the fields of mental hygiene and life management. These complementary services will be provided by social workers as part of the Life Belt Programme.

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