A White Book to Document Injustice

2016. május 18., tags: Romania, church/state relations, romania, székely miko high school, miko, székely mikó high school

With the publication of a new White Book to document the illegalities of property confiscation in Romania, we hope that finally the foundation of our lives may be justice and peace. The long struggle between the Transylvanian Reformed Church District in the Reformed Church in Romania and the Romanian government in regards to Székely Mikó High School continues, but this new publication seeks to highlight the contested property on an international scale.

Ecumenical Solidarity on ‘renationalisation’ of Székely Mikó High School

2014. december 10., tags: hungarian reformed church in romania, church/state relations, székely miko high school, transylvanian reformed church district, székely mikó high school, world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), Transylvanian Reformed Church District

Reformed Church in Romania faces 'renationalisation' of the Székely Mikó Refromed High School in Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorge this caused them to call for solidarity among Reformed Brothers and Sisters, leading to numerous responses.

RCH's Statement of Solidarity with the Transylvanian Reformed Church District

2014. december 03., tags: romania, hungarian reformed church in romania, church/state relations, miko, Romania

The Synod Council of the Reformed Church in Hungary approved the following statement on the court ruling of the  Ploiesti  High Court in regards to Székely Mikó High School in Sepsiszentgyörgy/Sfântu Gheorghe

Heavy Protests against Re-nationalization of Church Property in Romania

2014. november 27., tags: transylvania, romania, miko, transylvanian reformed church district, székely miko high school, hungarian reformed church (hrc), székely mikó high school, High Court of Ploiesti, Romania, church/state relations

After the High Court of Ploiesti announced its ruling on 26 November 2014 about the legal status of the property of the Székely Mikó High School, and restored the building to the local government of the city, the Transylvanian Reformed Church District, lawful owner of the property, launched a wave of protest.

Statement on Parliamentary Elections

2014. március 17., tags: statement, church/state relations

The Presidium of the Reformed Church in Hungary has issued a statement about the parliamentary election to be held on 6 April. 

Updated: Battle Over Church-Owned Property Still Ongoing in Romania

2014. január 21., tags: world communion of reformed churches (wcrc), transylvania, romania, miko, conference of european churches (cec), Romania, legal, hungarian reformed church (hrc), church/state relations

The Transylvanian Reformed Church District's battle with the Romanian government concerning the re-naturalization of church-owned property will come to a head 21 January when the court will reconvene for the next court session. It will likely be the final turning point in the prolonged legal battle. Bishop Béla Kató released the following statement on 18 January concerning the case:   "We look at the confiscation of our rightful property under the communist tyranny as historical injustice, and now we must suffer the fear and pain of loss again. We recognize with bitter displeasure that the Romanian administration of justice and current political powers will polish their worn prestige by once more taking away – based on half-truths and false testimonies – what was already lawfully returned and dragging through the mire the names of those who simply performed their duties in this matter."

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