A Mission with Engineering Accuracy

2016. február 29., tags: youth, youth ministry

Motivation, professional development, self-esteem, and belief – these are the values that the recently established Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ reformed chaplain wants to help the engineering students focus on. According to Balázs Németh, research fellow, lecturer, and pastor, many of the university students are friendless, not engaged professionally, and anxious that they won’t able to pass exams. The engineering mission could offer professional motivation, community, and counseling with the sharing of the Gospel.  

A Message From Over the Sun

2016. február 24., tags: youth, mekdsz, youth ministry

"Meaningless! Meaningless!" says the Teacher. "Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless." (Ecclesiastes 1:2). Three hundred young people didn't take Solomon’s words seriously, so they spent the last weekend of February in Siófok to discuss finding meaning in life, led by Trey Shaw, an American Baptist missionary who has been living in Hungary for more than ten years. They got acquainted with the message of Ecclesiastes and also had a chance to recharge between university semesters; maybe life is not so meaningless after all.

72 Hours of Action

2015. december 07., tags: youth ministry, youth

Around the country, 8,000 people joined in the ecumenical volunteer time of action called “72 hours – No Compromise” between the 8th and 11th of October. Church leaders say that the future can count on the youth that participated this year who “have good hearts and are ready to help and spread humane values”. 

Prayer comes first

2015. november 02., tags: youth ministry, hungarian reformed church, interview, prayer night, youth

On the 16th of October, the Youth Prayer Night in the Carpathian Basin was held for the fifth time. The goal of the vigil was for the youth to experience unity in their own communities by staying in our congregations for a night of prayer, uniting with thousands of other youth, and, most of all, God. This year Seminary Students from Pápa prepared the materials for the night. We discussed the event with Rev. Szontágh Szabolcs, head of the Youth Office of the Reformed Church in Hungary. 

2015 Youth Assembly of RCH

2015. május 08., tags: youth forum, youth ministry, youth

The Youth Assembly of the Reformed Church in Hungary took place on 17th and 18th April in the Synod Building of the RCH.  The theme of the 2015 Youth Assembly was Trust. Young people from across Hungary came to not only represent their Church District, but to meet and share with fellow reformed youth.  

(Don’t) let it go!

2014. augusztus 19., tags: university chaplaincy, interview, szabolcs szontágh, youth ministry, youth

At the Konfi+ conference on 24-27 August, youth workers of the Carpathian Basin will discuss the possibilities of calling young adults. Why is it so hard for the Church to address these ages nowadays? We asked Szabolcs Szontágh, the head of the youth office of Reformed Church in Hungary.

Contrast Again

2014. augusztus 07., tags: contrast, youth ministry, youth

So far, thousands have visited the Contrast exhibit, organized together by the Reformed Church in Hungary and the police. The multimedia art exhibition is part of the family and youth protection project and can be seen again in Budapest.  

Summary of the RCH Synod Youth Forum

2013. május 14., tags: youth ministry, youth forum, youth

According to statistics, there is a diminishing amount of young people involved in the church. The Synod Youth Forum has expressed its intentions to contest this fact. The Forum was held 19-20 April with more than 40 young participants.

Youth Forum - A successful dialogue between youth and the church

2012. június 19., tags: youth forum, youth ministry, youth

With the intention to give young people an opportunity to let their voices be heard in the church, the Synod Office organised a youth assembly, targeting age groups between 16 and 23. The Youth Forum was designed following an already well-functioning pattern, the Scottish Youth Assembly, adopting the idea of promoting youth participation in the decision-making processes of the church Synod. This conference was the first ever of this kind in Hungary, and the Synod Office intends to convene it regularly.

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