2015. július 28., tags: starpoint, festival, youth

Sometimes I find myself imagining background music to moments in my life. Just as if I were part of a movie: showing my travel pass in the underground, a determined act of potato peeling or a simple tooth washing, they all receive stronger emphasis when they are accompanied by music in my head.

Day 1 at The Starpoint 2015

2015. július 28., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

After spending two days visiting Budapest, the group of international visitors arrived in Tata. They say that the Olympic Sports Centre of Tata, which serves as the venue of Starpoint 2015 was built at this location, because the climate of Tata resembles to that of London the most, home of the 1948 Olympic Games. Luckily, this year it shows the best of weather…

Genuine Life- Genuine Message

2015. július 15., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

It is only a weeks before Starpoint begins where Keresztkérdés is going to perform as well. As of this occasion, we have been talking with Dani Kübler, the frontline man and Ildi Nagy, one of the singers, about the band, their aims and plans.

Starpoint 2015- Interview with The Organizers

2015. július 02., tags: starpoint, festival, youth

The Starpoint reformed youth festival has been organized for more than a decade now, once in every two years, and it attracts about 3500 young people. Ádám Galambos from the Lutheran Church’s website made an interview with Margit Kiss, coordinator of the Festival and Szabolcs Szontágh, reformed pastor, leader of the Youth Office of RCH. 

The Building Stones of Trust

2015. július 01., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

The countdown has begun: the seventh Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival will start in only six weeks. Between the 21st and the 25th of July the grounds of the Olympic Center of Tata will be full of young people discussing in this year the topic of trust. A press conference on the preparations and the planned events of the Festival was held by the organizers, performers and lecturers on the 10th of June.

(Much) More Than a Festival

2015. június 24., tags: starpoint, festival, youth

For each ‘Starpoint’ it is very decisive who leads the “main lectures”. The "Keynote Speaker" somehow represents the given Festival, gives a face to it and stands in person for the message. This time Zoltán Sóskuti, pastor of a congregation in the suburbs of Budapest, got the calling to handle the main channel and to make sure that Trust takes shape among us.  

2015 Youth Assembly of RCH

2015. május 08., tags: youth forum, youth ministry, youth

The Youth Assembly of the Reformed Church in Hungary took place on 17th and 18th April in the Synod Building of the RCH.  The theme of the 2015 Youth Assembly was Trust. Young people from across Hungary came to not only represent their Church District, but to meet and share with fellow reformed youth.  

I trust in You

2015. március 30., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

Starpoint, the Youth Festival of the Reformed Church in Hungary is organised by youth for youth. The coordination of the event is by the RCH Youth Office and volunteers who work towards the success of the event. As Starpoint is only a few months away, Margit Tímea Kiss the Starpoint Festival Coordinator and Szabolcs Szontágh head of the Youth Office of RCH were interviewed regarding the upcoming event. 

Starpoint again: Let’s meet in Tata!

2015. március 25., tags: starpoint, festival, youth

Every second year, young people gather from around the Carpathian Basin and from abroad, to come together in community and to share and discuss the event’ theme.

(Don’t) let it go!

2014. augusztus 19., tags: university chaplaincy, interview, szabolcs szontágh, youth ministry, youth

At the Konfi+ conference on 24-27 August, youth workers of the Carpathian Basin will discuss the possibilities of calling young adults. Why is it so hard for the Church to address these ages nowadays? We asked Szabolcs Szontágh, the head of the youth office of Reformed Church in Hungary.

Contrast Again

2014. augusztus 07., tags: contrast, youth ministry, youth

So far, thousands have visited the Contrast exhibit, organized together by the Reformed Church in Hungary and the police. The multimedia art exhibition is part of the family and youth protection project and can be seen again in Budapest.  

Memories from London

2014. május 15., tags: university chaplaincy, partnership, youth

A group from the university chaplaincy in Szeged took a trip to London at the beginning of April in order to start a conversation with the All Souls university congregation about establishing a long term partnership between the two churches. The purpose of the trip was to study the congregational models in London, learn good practices and make new connections. The following is a report of their experience in London from a member of the Szeged group.

Young people see the future of the church

2014. április 29., tags: church revision, youth

It is already the 3rd time that 16-23 years olds from all over the country filled the chamber of the Synod hall in order to debate the possible future of the youth mission within the confines of the Synod Youth Forum ( April 4-5 ).

What’s the connection?

2014. február 26., tags: church of scotland, st columba, partner, youth, Scottish Mission, scottish mission

What is the connection between a European Youth Presbytery Meeting of the Church of Scotland and the Reformed Church in Hungary?

Another Successful Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival

2013. augusztus 02., tags: festival, music, mezőtúr, youth, starpoint

Saturday, 27 July was the end to yet another blessed Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival in Mezőtúr. After a shortened day, everyone gathered at the main stage for a closing worship that included the Lord's Supper.

The 10th Annual Reformed Music Festival

2013. május 31., tags: annual, music festival, youth

This year the Reformed Music Festival was held for the tenth time in Budapest. This three-day program contained musical performances and cultural activities as well as conversations from the seat of the university to the seat of the Parliament.

Summary of the RCH Synod Youth Forum

2013. május 14., tags: youth ministry, youth forum, youth

According to statistics, there is a diminishing amount of young people involved in the church. The Synod Youth Forum has expressed its intentions to contest this fact. The Forum was held 19-20 April with more than 40 young participants.

Let the Countdown to Starpoint Begin!

2013. április 04., tags: youth, festival, starpoint

The venue is set, theme chosen, bands lined up and speakers scheduled. Starpoint is coming! It's hard to imagine that this year's festival in Mezőtúr is only 109 days away, but rest easy, the team has been working around the clock to ensure that this Starpoint will be the best one yet!

2013 Starpoint Discusses the Issue of Identity

2013. január 18., tags: starpoint, festival, youth

The upcoming Starpoint Reformed youth festival will be held in Mezőtúr, Hungary on 23-27 July with a focus on Identity – Who am I? Young adults from all over the world are encouraged to come together, participate and create a community of dialogue, all while enjoying some great music!

An Up-To-Date Way To Target Young People

2012. szeptember 04., tags: youth forum, youth

The Synod Youth Forum, a new assembly event for young people, took place on 13-14 April in Budapest and was attended by about 70 delegates from all over Hungary. The Forum, which consisted of discussions tackling issues of faith and church-membership was organised by Szabolcs Szontágh Reformed minister and the Synod Office of RCH. First, let us listen in on a lecture that was given at the beginning of the event; here the lecturer is talking about the topic questions published on the Forum's website. These questions were to form the core of the group discussions. The presentation will be followed by an interview with the lecturer himself.

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