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2014. április 23., szerda

What will the new Bible be like?

The newly revised and freshly translated version of the Bible, which will be introduced to the public in April within the framework of the International Book festival, is already being pressed. The Reformed Church in Hungary can put it to use during its General Synod meeting and at an ecumenical thanksgiving service for the new Bible alongside the member churches of the Hungarian Bible Society.

Árpád Galsi, director of the Kálvin Publishing House emphasized that the newly published revized version of the holy scripture is not a new translation but a process within the new translation of 1975 and its 1990 revised version, deepened into a revised work. Besides paying attention to the text itself ,the main factors to take care of were correcting recognised errors and continuity. Thanks to this, continuity and modernization prevail in this version, as well. 

We have surveyed reader, customer and congregation issues, evaluated remarks, critiques and suggestions in connection to the Bible, framed our own expereinces and tried to use these results to form our new version, while staying within our facilities of course. We use the same type of print – the Bibles will be available in the same two sizes as before – yet a fresher and a more readable Bible is also going to be available for the readers, added Galsi.

For a long period of time our readers could follow the revision work in our workshop, moreover, there were test versions that came out. The publishers received quite a bit of feedback through to the last stages of publishing. Basically, we believe that we are going to publish a better, more precise and more comprehensible text. Naturally there is no perfect translation, and ours is no exception. This translation has to suit the concept of lucidity and utility during church service. There is no perfect book, and despite our efforts and supervisions, which took place in more rounds, there will still be mistakes. These will be easier to address later during reprinting than before, says the director of the publishing.

Broader offers , cheaper Bible

In connection to the new translation, the aim was to make statements of God accessible for everyone in language as well as in form. Besides the more enduring , more beautiful, higher-standard and diversified editions, there is going to be a much cheaper paperback version of the Bible as well. Readers and costumers demands are increasingly shift towards unique, long-lasting and high-standard versions. However, for the Hungarian Bible Association and for us ( as we are an ecclesiastical publishing house) it is equally important to be able to offer the holy script at a reasonable price for our potential readers, as well as for the mission, which needs Bible for an accessible price in order to be able to give a larger number for more people. This way the Hungarian Bible Association or the General Convent with the help of their own programs and resources is able to give away Bibles for free to targeted groups, the director added.

As it was discovered from a study back in 2008, it is not a financial reason that people do not read the Bible. Galsi also thinks that for those who still buy the Bible it is essential for the book to be durable and up to par. Nowadays, we take it for granted that the Bible is easily accessible in more tranlations, and we also expect the text to be published in quality, yet unique, editions. The other demand is for it to still be affordable.We have tried to satisfy both well-founded claims, so our work was to amend quality as well as to broaden the selection, said the director.

In print and on the internet

More than 10 versions of the Bible will be out on the market. Besides the cheaper paperback version, there will be hard back, cloth-covered and paper back versions too. Moreover, there are going to be leather bound and gold-trimmed versions available for the public again, and the selection is constantly growing.The idea is not everything , says Galsi looking at the several English, Norwegian, Dutch and German Bibles that lay on the table that he took as samples. Even though there are really exceptional editions among them (e.g a pink, plush covered with flowers on front especially for women or a youthful pocket Bible, it is clear for the publishers as well that people tend to stick to more conservative versions of the.

The new revised version is going to be available online and on mobile phones as well. “I read the Bible at home in my private tranquility in a normal book form and for preaching I definitely use the printed version as I usually search in that easier. However ,for work and for getting ready for something I also use online Bibles. I find it good and useful that the holy script is now available in more and more, but I aslo think that for all of us the traditional printed version still remains important.”



Written by Bagdán Zsuzsanna; translated by Stefánia Major

Originally published in Reformátusok Lapja

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