Reformed Church leaders met from the Carpathian Basin

2013. december 10., kedd

The Presidium of the General Convent of the Hungarian Reformed Church (HRC) met on 19-20 November to discuss the work of the wider Hungarian community in the coming year.

One of the main topics discussed was the 2014 General Convent, which is the church's most important, annual operational meeting. In addition to the meeting a "world summit" or reunion of Reformed Hungarians is scheduled for 24 May 2014 in Debrecen. Tens of thousands of Reformed people are expected to gather in the city for a celebration in the framework of "Our actions, be visible!"

The Presidium also approved the HRC's 2014 common budget. The 53 million Forint expenditures for next year are designated to cover operational costs, common publications, joint programs and the Reformed public education fund of the Carpathian Basin. The General Convent began the education fund with the aim of helping Reformed educational institutions outside of Hungary and facilitating the establishment of new ones. The money mostly comes from donations; Reformed students raise money in their schools and this amount is then supplemented from the HRC budget. An important part of the budget goes toward the support of different programs aiming to help Hungarian Reformed congregations in diaspora situations, especially in Western-Europe.

Another big topic discussed was the HRC's possible participation in the Christian Convention of Central and East Europe, which will be held in Wroclaw, Poland from 4-6 July. The Presidium decided that the Churches belonging to the Hungarian reformed community would be involved in the Christian Convention together in a coordinated way, and furthermore that it supports the initiative of the Lutheran Church in Hungary organizing the next meeting in Hungary sometime in 2016 with a focus on the relation of nation and reformation.

In addition, the Presidium discussed the HRC's coordinated programs for the Reformation celebration in 2017. The church leaders also had an opportunity to share joys and concerns from their communities around the Carpathian Basin in their journey toward common legislation and cooperation among churches. Specific focus was put on support for the Serbian Reformed Christian Church which is struggling with a lack of pastors.

Alongside the Presidium meeting was a meeting of the Youth Committee of the General Convent (GeKIB) at the Reformed Seminary in Sarospatak on 18-20 November. It was a meeting of youth referents from all the districts of the Carpathian Basin, representatives from university chaplaincies and youth organizations. Together, the group evaluated events organized throughout the year, most notably the Starpoint Reformed Youth Festival, and also discussed possible programs for the next year. The conference had a special guest lecturer, Director of Exodus Europe Jim Brown, who discussed the opportunities that stem from involving people in youth work. But on top of the lectures and discussions, the participants were still able to enjoy devotions and worships too.



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