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2019. július 08., hétfő

The choir of the Women’s Association of the PCK started their mission tour at the Reformed congregation in Slovakia, continued through Hungary, and concluded in Croatia.

On June 25, the women’s choir of the Women’s Association of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (PCK) began their mission tour, this time, among Reformed congregations in the Carpathian Basin. Beginning in Slovakia, the choir traveled through Hungary and concluded their mission tour in Croatia.

The Presbyterian Church of Korea and the Reformed Church in Hungary are long-time partners at the national, church district, and university-level with the sisterhood between Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary and Debrecen Reformed Theological University.

The choir is part of the Women’s Association of the PCK which was first founded in 1898 by Banseok Suh, Jungseon Kim and 63 women.

The Women’s Association has been committed to preaching the Gospel, education, culture,  mission, and independence. It took part in the independence movement, the reconstruction of the church and strengthened the missionary awareness of the church.

The choir was established in 1992 with the purpose of serving in the mission of the Presbyterian Church of Korea through praise to encourage church community and with musical service at various events of the Women’s Association.

Since their first concert in November 1992 until 2018, the choir has performed 12 concerts in Korea and 11 abroad in Europe and the United States.

Connected by a deep spiritual foundation, the group of 70 women gather together under the guidance of the conductor and the accompanist, to fulfil their role as a mission praise team for the Women’s Association.

The mission tour took place at the following locations:

25 June - Komarno Reformed congregation in Slovakia

26 June - Reformed Great Church in Debrecen

28 June - Kelenföldi Reformed congregation in Budapest

30 June - Korean-speaking Reformed congregation in Budapest

03 July - Korean-speaking congregation in Zagreb

Written by Priscilla Yang

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