“In whatever you face, we will not forget you”

2014. március 31., hétfő

“In whatever you face, we will not forget you” the president and secretary of the Council of the World Communion of Reformed Churches Europe expressed in a message of support to the reformed people of Transcarpathia. The Council met in Warsaw on 27-28 March with some 40 participants representing 25 churches to, among other orders of business, extend their solidarity and prayers for the people of Ukraine.

Bishop Sándor ZÁN-FÁBIÁN

Reformed Church of Transcarpathia 

27th March, 2014


Dear Bishop,

Warm greetings from the Council of WCRC Europe. We are sorry that you are not able to be with us in our meeting in Warsaw.

We are writing on behalf of the Council of WCRC Europe to express our very deep concern for you in this difficult time in the history of Ukraine. We are aware that yours is a country which has suffered much; you have experienced the violation of your borders and your territorial integrity many times in your history. You must have hoped, as did we all, that these events were all in the past and that your country would know peace and security.

We have listened to reports on the Ukrainian situation with great concern, especially to the details about Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia. According to what we have heard, we assure the Reformed Church in Transcarpathia, and the whole Hungarian community, of our prayerful solidarity.

We support the striving of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine for peace and are committed to helping them by all means possible.

We have been shocked by the events which have unfolded in recent months and weeks. WCRC Europe has always believed in the rule of law and in the right of people to self-determination. We have always believed that justice for all is a God-given gift and right and we, in common with the member churches of WCRC around the world, have long worked for justice and equity, and raised our voice against governments and systems which were corrupt or oppressive. As we have watched the events in Ukraine, we have prayed for all people, for those who have been looking west and longing for further integration with western neighbours and for those who have looked east and yearned for greater ties with Russia. Above all, we have prayed for peace and for stability, and for the country to move together under the guidance of Almighty God.

It has distressed us greatly to see a part of Ukraine being annexed by Russia. We have doubts about the legitimacy of the recent referendum and about whether it fully represents the views of all people in the Crimea. But what has concerned us most is the military intervention of Russia, principally in the Crimea, where we know that lives have been lost, and also the build up of troops along the border with eastern Ukraine which, we feel, is inflammatory in this situation.

Most of all, we want to assure you, our Reformed sisters and brothers in Ukraine, of our on-going prayer and concern. We support you in your witness to the gospel of peace and reconciliation. If there is more we can do with and for you, please let us know. In whatever you face, we will not forget you.

If it would be helpful to you, we would be glad to visit at a time that was convenient for you to receive us.


With prayers for the peace in your country and blessing in your church,



Jan-Gerd Heetderks

President: The Council of the World Communion of Reformed Churches in Europe


Alexander Horsburgh

Secretary: The Council of the World Communion of Reformed Churches in Europe




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